Amazing Cruise Ship: Grandeur of the Seas

A cruise ship’s very important feature is to give its voyagers a premium tour of the grandeur seas. And as a very significant sailing cruise ship, the Grandeur of the Seas does pay heed to this basic requirement of a cruise ship and gives its voyagers a brilliant cruise of the Caribbean.

This sailing cruise ship has a 2,446 passenger carrying capacity and has a speed of 22 knots. This speed is neither too fast nor is too slow, allowing the voyagers of the sailing cruise ship to view, enjoy, relax and soak in the ambience of the grandeur seas. Another important feature of this cruise ship is that it gives a wide array of choices when it comes to choosing the right cruise trip for a person. Also, since the departure of this sailing cruise ship is not limited to a few ports, intending passengers have the feasibility to opt for the port which would be nearest and as per to their convenience.

Measuring around 916 feet lengthwise, 106 feet beam wise and 25 feet draft wise, this sailing cruise ship, in addition to its most important USP of choice of ports, provides various services to its passengers. The numerous services and facilities offered and the excellent quality of servicing provided by the crew of the cruise ship ensures that no passenger is left wanting while he is touring the grandeur seas.

Grandeur of the Seas
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As mentioned earlier the cruise ship provides a multitude of facilities for its passengers and some of the services include a jogging track for the benefit of those for whom jogging is a must and essential. Additionally there is a palladium theatre which offers to the voyagers the facility to catch up with movies even while they are away from places which have theaters and movie screens. There are also a variety of lounge bars for the benefit of patrons who will want to just sit and enjoy the serenity and the grandeur offered by the cruise ship in the grandeur seas.

Just like its name, the cruise ship gives top-quality grandeur to its voyagers, thus managing to attract and hold on the attention of not just existing patrons but newer ones as well, who will want to explore and feel the charisma and magnificence of the grandeur seas. By delivering on its promise of providing an extensive tour of the grandeur seas, the cruise ship reinforces the trust and belief of the people in it as an excellent sailing cruise ship.

From the time, the cruise ship embarked on its maiden cruise in 1996, this sailing cruise ship has continued to provide its esteemed services to its voyagers. And with more than a decade of expertise under its belt, the cruise ship does deserve a necessary mention when it comes to acknowledging the contribution of cruise ships to the worthy cause of exploring the oceans and seas.

In its own unique and splendidly beautiful way, this sailing cruise ship has added yet another facet to the voyaging exploration of the grandeur seas, thereby giving the people yet another oceanic avenue to see and experience for themselves.

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