Amazing Cruise Ship: Enchantment of the Seas

Enchantment of the Seas is a cruise ship that operates in the enchantment seas of the Caribbean and provides many exciting utilities to its voyagers. The sailing cruise ship began its maiden voyage of the enchantment seas in the year 1997 and from that time onwards, there has been no looking back for the cruise ship.

In the year 2005, the cruise ship underwent extensive repairing and additions as a part of it being redeveloped or modernized in order to enable it to fit more comfortably in the modern-day cruise shipping culture. And in the past decade-and-a-half that it has been renovated, the cruise ship has managed to gain more popularity and rake in even more money than what it used to garner from its voyages before.

The cruise ship is recorded and filed in the Bahamas and is operated by the Royal Caribbean International shipping conglomerate. The sailing cruise ship provides a wide variety of cruises, especially in the Caribbean, making it one of the most haute and exclusive breed of cruise ships that operate in today’s waters.

Enchantment of the Seas
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The sailing cruise ship traversing across the enchantment seas has a passenger-carrying capacity of 2,246 people and consists of around 760 crew members who provide a service par excellence to the voyagers and thus help to maintain and uphold the name, the reputation and the standard of the sailing cruise ship.

The cruise ship measures around 990 feet lengthwise, 106 feet beam wise and 25 feet draft wise and contains a splendid array of facilities to reach to the patrons of the ship in the most unique and undivided way.

There are trampolines to catch the attention of bungee thrill-seekers as also there is an extremely beneficial fitness centre for people who will not want any obstruction to their fitness regime. Additionally the sailing cruise ship provides for places where one can want peace and quiet by offering the services of a champagne bar for people who will want to enjoy the drink while enjoying the ambience and tranquillity of the ship’s soothing motion.

Enchantment Of the seas
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Other facilities offered by the cruise ship includes a library; a palladium theatre – which by itself is a big novelty factor; an equipped and well-stocked boutiques in order to help people buy and shop to their heart’s desire, even while they enjoy the travelling through the enchantment seas; a casino for the benefit of people who want to indulge in a little bit of gambling and many other exciting features and displays of magnificence.

With the cruise ship offering so many facilities with aplomb to its voyagers and passengers, there can be no doubting the fact that more and more people want to experience the thrill and enjoy for themselves the attraction and allure that the sailing cruise ship provides. And since, in the modern world travelling by an airplane has become very mundane, it becomes relevant to re-introduce the concept of travelling trough different oceanic waters. At least then, one will and can get something substantial to boast about as after all, watching one float on water is equally exciting as one hanging in mid-air.

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