7 Vessels That Have Taken Naval Architecture To New Heights


Advancement in the field of naval architecture and ship design has led to the creation of some of the greatest ships maritime industry has ever seen. Learn about seven such amazing vessels mentioned in this article.

10 Things Deck Officer Must Know While Operating Main Engine from Bridge – Part 2

Remote control telegraph

Learn about ten important things deck officers must know interlocks, starting procedure, resetting and fault finding while operating main engine from the ship’s bridge.

What is Noon Report On Ships and How Is It Prepared?


A noon report is a data sheet prepared by the ship’s chief engineer on a daily basis. It provides the vessel’s position and other relevant standardised data to assess the performance of the ship. Know more about the noon report inside the article.

10 Things Deck Officer Must Know While Operating Main Engine from Bridge – Part 1

ship bridge

Deck officers at bridge need to be fully aware and conversant with various bridge control systems and use of main engine. Learn about few basic points they must consider while operating the main engine from bridge.