How to Perform Ship’s Stern Tube Integrity Test in The Dry Dock?

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During dry dock, the ship’s stern tube is opened up for inspection of the seals, the stern cylinder, and the shaft. Learn about the procedure for performing ship’s stern tube integrity test in the dry dock.

Important Points For Carrying Out Maintenance of Mooring Ropes and Wires On Ships

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A number of precautions along with good seamanship practice can increase the life of mooring ropes and prevent deterioration, chaffing, cutting and internal wear. Learn some important points in the article inside.

7 Technologies To Reduce Fuel Consumption Of Ships

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Reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions are two of the main concerns of shipping industry today. Take a look at some of the most commonly used methods for enhancing ship’s fuel efficiency.

Procedure For Ship Propeller Renewal

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Propeller renewal of a ship is not just about removing the existing propeller and installing a new one, but there are many other significant factors to overcome. Learn about the procedure for ship propeller renewal inside the article.