Watch: This Autonomous Robot Can Find And Fight Fire On Ships


SAFFiR is a two-legged, or bipedal, humanoid robot designed to help researchers evaluated unmanned systems to support Sailors with damage control aboard naval vessels. This robot is capable of finding and suppressing shipboard fires and working seamlessly with human firefighters.

Watch: Carnival Corporation ‘Back to the Sea’ Super Bowl TV Commercial

carnival cruise

Carnival Corporation & plc, the world’s largest travel and leisure company, aired its first-ever Super Bowl TV commercial entitled “Come Back to the Sea” – a 60-second spot combining stunning cinematic images of the ocean and stirring words from President John F. Kennedy to create an emotional storyline about people’s universal connection with the sea.

The World’s First Successful Combat Submarine Almost Fully Visible

Image Credits: FriendsOfTheHunley/ YouTube

For the first time in over one hundred and fifty years, you can actually see the Hunley. Until recently, the submarine was completely covered by concretion, an encrusted layer of sand, sediment and shells that built up slowly over time.

Watch: Semi-Submersible Vessel MV Fjord Carrying 26 Tugboats


Here’s a cool video of the semi-submersible vessel MV Fjord transporting 26 tugboats on its deck. Also checkout the videos which show how the tugboats are loaded onto the semi-submersible vessel.