What Is The Purpose Of “Torsion Box” In Ships?

Reference: shipstructure.org

Torsion box is a continuous structure in the top part of ship’s longitudinal bulkhead, freeboard deck and sheer strake which provides sufficient strength against torsional moments and other bending loads. Read inside the article to know more on the importance of torsion box.

How Seafarers Can Beat Stress and Stay Motivated at Sea?


Working at sea is not an easy task and sometimes seafarers can find themselves mentally and emotionally stressed out. Learn some important ways to beat stress and stay motivated at sea in this article.

10 Major “World’s First” Vessels Announced in 2014

Image Credits: mandieselturbo.com

Several ground-breaking and “world’s first” maritime projects were announced in the year 2014. Let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy vessels that were unveiled this year.

Types of Rudders Used For Ships


The type of rudder to be used for a particular ship depends on a variety of factors. Learn about the main types of rudders used for ships in the article inside.