7 Ways For Ships To Meet MARPOL NOx Tier III Regulation

air pollution by ship

The MARPOL NOx Tier III standards will be applicable to ships operating in the Emission Control Areas (ECA) for reducing NOx and particulate matter causing air pollution in designated sea areas. Learn about seven ways in which ships can use different technologies to meet the MARPOL NOx Tier III Regulation.

What is Cappuccino Bunker Effect On Ships?


Cappuccino effect remains still one of the most common and widely used ‘mal-practice’ in the bunkering industry to-date. Learn how to identify Cappuccino bunker effect and what precautions should be taken against it inside the article.

Introduction To Ship Load Lines

load line

Load line is a special marking positioned amidships which depicts the draft of the vessel and the maximum permitted limit in distinct types of waters to which the ship can be loaded. Get a general overview of ship load lines inside the article.

Why Do Ship’s Hull Fail At Midship Region?

hull break elli

A lot of marine accidents involving failure of the ship hull structures occurs because of a crack in the midship region or a total split-off of the hull girder. This article gives an insight into the causes that lead to the failure of the ship’s hull girder from a longitudinal strength point of view.