7 Secrets Seafarers Should Know About Mutual Funds

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Seafarers wanting to invest in mutual funds while doing their financial planning must read this article to understand the basics of mutual funds and to avoid common mistakes.

Insurance – What Seafarers Must Know Before Purchasing


Insurance is a necessary pill all seafarers have to take sooner or later. Find out how seafarers can stay away from expensive insurance plans that do not cover them as they promise.

Plummeting Oil Prices and Its Impact on the Shipping Industry

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While dropping of oil prices certainly indicate good news for the economy in general, many of us still wonder what might be the reason for this drop in oil prices and its impact on the Shipping Industry. Find out about the effects of plummeting oil prices on the shipping industry.

4 Types Of Investments That Kill Seafarers’ Hard Earned Money


Seafarers earn their money through a lot of hard work, courage and grit. Find out how they kill this hard-earned money by investing in inefficient and dubious schemes in spite of consistent savings or investments.