Unique Ship Shaped Hospital To Be Constructed

white sails

White Sails Hospital & Spa will be the most pleasant hospital in the world with a theme and shape of a ship. The ship shaped hospital will be built in TUNISIA ECONOMIC CITY (TEC).

10 Simple Things That Make Seafarers Happy On Board Ships


Seafarers find joy in small things on ships to keep them going strong, miles away from home. Learn about ten such simple things, which though sound obvious, might be difficult to find on ships.

Seafarer’s Wife : The Woman Behind A Successful Life At Sea

Sculpture of a sailor's wife

Being a seafarer’s wife needs immense courage and valour for she plays an important role in managing lives of seafarers sailing at the sea. Learn inside the article as to what it takes to be a strong woman behind a brave and successful seafarer.

7 Most Common Superstitions of Seafarers

Ghost Ship poster

Seafarers have been dabbling in a variety of superstitions since the start of shipping. Mentioned herein are seven of the most common superstitions that exists in the marine world.