10 Reasons You Must Thank Seafarers


Seafarers carry out one of the most difficult jobs in the world. The hardships they endure at sea are known to none. It is high time for the world to notice and appreciate the tremendous jobs seafarers do. Learn about ten important reasons for which people must thank each and every seafarer around the world.

8 Ghost At Sea Movies You Must Watch

Ghost Ship poster

We all love the thrill and suspense which monster and ghost movies offer. There are quite a few horror movies which have nautical theme. Mentioned in this article are seven great ghost at sea movies you must watch.

13 Ship-Themed Buildings Around the World

A Ship Restaurant, Chengdu, China

Ship-themed buildings are fascinating works of architecture we all love. If you hail from the maritime industry, coming across ship-shaped structures on land evokes a feeling of nostalgia or a sense of belonging which brings you closer to your profession. Checkout this amazing ship-themed buildings from around the world.