Yemen’s Houthi Group Releases Video Of Hijacking Cargo Ship ‘Galaxy Leader’ In Red Sea

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have allegedly released video footage of the daring hijacking of the Galaxy Leader auto carrier in the Red Sea. Armed men are seen landing from a helicopter aboard the ship and attacking the bridge, holding staff hostage.

Video Credit: Voice of America

The footage was released by the Houthi movement’s TV outlet Al Masirah following the seizure of the ship by the Iran-backed militia in the southern Red Sea.

In the midst of the Israel-Hamas conflict, the Houthi leader warned last week that the group was going to target Israeli-linked vessels in the region.

According to Equasis statistics, the pure car and truck carrier (abbreviated the PCTC) flying the flag of Bermuda is held by the Isle of Man-based Galaxy Maritime and handled by Ray Car Carriers, a business affiliated with Israeli tycoon Rami Ungar.

The charterer is claimed to be the Japanese maritime corporation NYK. According to the firm, the ship didn’t have cargo and is working on ensuring the secure return of all 25 crew members who were on board.

According to Equasis statistics, the ISM manager will be Stamco Ship Management of Greece.

Per Reuters, Galaxy Maritime released a statement on Monday indicating that communication with the vessel was lost on November 19 and that the ship was transported to an anchorage at Yemen’s Hodeidah port.

Reference- Hindustan Times

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