Yemeni Social Media Influencers Dance On The Top Deck Of Houthis’ Hijacked Ship Galaxy Leader

Yemeni’s social media influencers have started posting footage of themselves on the cargo ship that Houthi militants seized in the Red Sea, with one clip showing men dancing on the upper deck.

Abdul Rahman al Joubi and Mustafa al Mumari, who represent themselves as comedians, posted the clips on YouTube and TikTok. In a single clip, al Joubi, who has around 42,000 YouTube subscribers, is seen in a lift with a bunch of young men on the Galaxy Leader.

Video Credit: Basha باشا/Twitter

Al Joubi then speaks into the camera while holding what looks to be an emergency cell phone to his ear. The males then exit the lift and continue laughing as they walk up the stairs to the top deck. A line of guys can be seen to be dancing on the vessel’s top deck in a separate video that has leaked on X.

Three men are brandishing Yemen flags, while others are holding weapons. The clip does not include Al Joubi or al Mumari, and it is unclear who posted it.

In a YouTube video, Al Mumari, who was held by the members of the Houthi group in December 2022 on allegations linked to freedom of expression, is seen chatting on a beach with a ship in the backdrop.

The influencer then goes to the Galaxy Leader in a smaller sailboat before being spotted on the vessel’s deck. He also urges Israel to cease bombing Gaza and warns that if the bloodshed continues, people should expect their ships to be stolen.

Later, the comedian is seen by a swimming pool and asks if the entire sea is not enough. Near the end of the film, Al Mumari and two other guys are seen enjoying shisha on the ship.

Last week, Houthi rebels published a video showing armed men storming the Galaxy Leader prior to seizing it in the Red Sea.

According to Yemeni Military Media, at least seven masked individuals with what looked to be AK-47s fell from a helicopter and landed on the ship’s top deck.

On November 19, the vessel was hijacked by an Iran-backed group.

Reference- News.Sky

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