Wreckage of British Submarine Sunk During Second World War Discovered

A Royal British Navy Submarine that vanished while she was on a mission to Greece in 1942, during World War II, for unknown reasons has been discovered in the Aegean Sea.

The commendable feat was achieved by Greek diver Kosts Thoktaridis and his team members. They have been looking for the Submarine since 1998, many kilometres from the coast, at 203 m water depth.

The 84 m long H.M.S Triumph is linked to the British Secret Service and the resistance against the Nazi Occupation of Greece during that period.

Video Credits: Planet Blue History / Youtube

Per reports, the Submarine was carrying 64 crew and all of them died when it sank.

H.M.S Triumph participated in 20 military missions between 1939-1942. In March 1941, it started operations in the Aegean Sea near Dodecanese Archipelago, then controlled by Italy.

Per Greek news firm Ana, the Submarine sunk several enemy ships, such as the Italian Submarine Salpa.

On 23rd January 1942, the British Navy reported it as missing while it was on its 21st deployment in the Aegean Sea.

It was last spotted by an Italian pilot on Jan 9, 1942, at Cape Sounion, Saronic Gulf, close to Athens.

Per Kostas Thoktaridis, there are many theories about why the Submarine sank. Some believe it could have been torn in a mine collision near the Cycladic Island of Milos or could have been overtaken by German soldiers with the aid of Italian spies or a possible blast in its bow.

The Greek Diver had to review archives from Britain, Italy, Germany and Greece before he could start looking for the historic Submarine. He told the news agency Ana that it was his career’s most challenging and expensive task.

Several teams from Russia and Malta had tried to locate the Submarine’s wreckage in the past but failed.

Today, the British Submarine lies many kilometres from the coast, tilted 8 degrees to its starboard side.

It seems that the Submarine sank due to a massive explosion; however, the exact cause remains a mystery.

References: New York Post, Daily Wire, Express

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