Watch: Iran Army Keeps An Eye On U.S Warship in Indian Ocean for 24 Hours

Iran’s Fars News Agency disclosed on Tuesday that an American Arleigh Burke-class destroyer had been successfully attacked by the Ababil (Flock of Birds)-V drone in the northern segment of the body of water.

Before beginning the surveillance operation against the US vessel, the plane is said to have taken off from a base on the Iranian island of Jask.

The unmanned aerial vehicle body of the Ababil class may absorb radar signals, making it difficult for reconnaissance equipment to detect it.

Video Credits: CRUX / YouTube

Up to six extremely destructive surgical attack missiles with warheads can be carried by the aircraft.

As part of a nationwide drone exercise, the Army is presently deploying many aircraft, including the Ababil-5. There are hundreds of highly advanced spy and combat drones participating in the manoeuvres.

This is not the first occasion when Iranian drones have successfully captured precise pictures and videos of seaborne US military equipment.

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) revealed startlingly accurate and up-close images of an American aircraft carrier in April 2021. The drones had flown over the ship in the Persian Gulf.

Warplanes, along with other military aircraft and equipment that was deployed on the carrier’s deck, were shown in real-time and in incredibly close detail in the video, which appeared to have been taken by a drone squadron of four people.

General Kenneth McKenzie, chief of the United States Central Command, stated in testimony before the US Congress that year that Iran’s extensive use of drones meant that the United States was operating without total air superiority for the first time since the Korean War.

References:, Tehran Times

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