WATCH: Engine Installation Video On Methanol-Ready Mein Schiff 7

The making of methanol-ready Mein Schiff 7 cruise ship being constructed for TUI Cruises at the Finnish Shipbuilder Meyer Turku achieved a landmark feat with the installation of its main engines.

Video Credits: Meyer Turku 

Designed by Wartsila, the engines will provide a total power of 48,000 kW and a propulsion power of 28 MW, allowing the vessel to sail at 22 knots.

A video shared by the shipyard shows the detailed and complicated procedure of fitting the ship’s engines with the help of gigantic cranes.

The video portrays maritime professionals with special equipment carefully handling heavy engines. Towering over the vessel are huge cranes, ready to hoist and place the engines into the ship’s hull.

As these massive cranes meticulously handle the engines, guiding them to their designated place within the vessel, the video offers a fascinating glimpse into the complex procedures of shipbuilding, showing the use of state-of-the-art technologies and expertise involved in bringing a ship to life.

“The subsoil in the ship for the engine had to be prepared and marked beforehand so that the engine could be hoisted to the exact position. TUI Cruises said that the engine and generator were lifted into the ship’s interior with a large gantry crane,” TUI Cruises said.

The cruise ship’s construction began in 2022, and the hull assembly was done this year in March. The ship will be classed by DNV and will be completed in 2024.

Video Credits: TUI Cruises- Mein Schiff 

The Maltese-Flagged ship will have 15 decks and a capacity for 2894 guests and 1000 crew members. It will be 316 m long and 35.8 m broad.

It will be fueled by low-emission marine diesel oil with a sulphur content of 0.1%, stated the cruise line. It will also have a shore power connection, ensuring zero emissions while the ship is at port.

It will be constructed in such a way that the vessel can run on green methanol.

Wybcke Meier, CEO of TUI Cruises, stated, “TUI Cruises’ vision is clear: in the long term, we want to move towards emission-free and climate-neutral cruises; by 2030, we want to offer the first climate-neutral cruises. The decision to prepare Mein Schiff 7 for a methanol drive is an important investment in the future for us.”

Mein Schiff 7 is a sister ship to Mein Schiff 1 and Mein Schiff 2, commissioned in 2018 and 2019.

Reference: Offshore Energy

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