Watch: Capsized Vessel Britannica Hav After Colliding with Fishing Vessel

Freighter carrier Britannica Hav capsized after a collision with a fishing vessel, 50 nautical miles (100 kilometres) from Cherbourg.

France’s Maritime Prefecture for the Channel and North Sea has been responded after the incident was reported by the Regional Operational Center for Surveillance and Rescue (CROSS) of Jobourg around 15:40 on Tuesday (Mar 20). The collision occurred about 50 nautical miles (100 km) to the north-east of Cherbourg.


Seven crew members evacuated the ship aboard two life rafts and were recovered by the Deborah and were subsequently evacuated by a French Navy NH90 helicopter. The captain of the fishing vessel sustained a slight head wound but did not wish to be evacuated. The vessel had 48 tons of light diesel fuel on board.

The prefecture reported that the Britanicca Hav was under tow for Le Havre at about 3 knots and that a tug chartered by the owner was scheduled to take the hatch covers under tow to Le Havre.

Reference: Youtube / France’s Maritime Prefecture

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