Video: Vessel Carrying Fuel To Vanuatu Islands Burst Into Flames

Western Star is a 160-tonne fuel barge owned by Silentworld Shipping. It burst into flames on Wednesday, 17th August, while it was unloading fuel at the South West Bay on Malekula island, the second biggest island of Vanuatu.

The vessel was hired by Pacific Energy to deliver fuel to the island. It is the only certified vessel that can ship fuel to the island, which depends on running the infrastructure, medical facilities and transportation.

Video Credits: Tokbaut Malekula / Facebook

Per reports, three people were injured, and one was taken to the hospital. According to reports, the ship did not spill any oil in Pristine Bay.

It carried over 8000 litres of petrol in barrels and over 100,000 litres of diesel.

Currently, salvage operations are underway, and it is being towed to the port to remove the fuel onboard the ship.

Reference: Maritime Bulletin

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