Largest Cable-laying Vessel In China, Qifan 19, Commences Sea Trials In Jiangsu

On 9 November, the cable-laying vessel dubbed the “Qifan 19” was launched officially; the ship is designed independently by China, per iMarine.

Jiangsu Haixin Ship Heavy Industry Co built “Qifan 19” for Zhejiang Qiming Marine Power Engineering.

Video Credit: CGTN/YouTube

The vessel measures approximately 108.6 meters in length, has a width of about 37.2 meters, a design draft that extends up to 6 meters, a displacement of about 24,000 tons, and a cable-loading capacity of about 10,000 tons for a single turntable.

All these make it the greatest cable-operating vessel currently in China in terms of cable-carrying capacity and displacement.

In the underwater mission, “Qifan 19” operates the Chinese towed unique water spray burying plow.

By pushing a high-pressure water jet into the seabed, a 4.5 m deep trench is plowed, which is deeper than the usual buried plow excavation depth, protecting the submarine cable from damage caused by ship anchors or marine life.

By pushing a high-pressure water jet into the seabed and plowing a 4.5 m trench, the excavation depth is greater than that of a standard buried plow, protecting the submarine cable from damage caused by ship anchors or marine creatures.

Also, the “Qifan 19” is assembled with the largest buried 4 meters plow, about 60 tons of gantry receiving and discharging mechanism, besides 50 tons of cranes as well as other advanced cable-constructing equipment, several equipment for the first domestic set, filling the blank of China’s offshore electric power engineering construction field, opening a new chapter in the development of cable construction equipment technology.

Reference: portnews

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