Indian Company Operating Iran’s Chabahar Port To Invest $85 Million In Port Equipment

An Indian firm which is the operator of Chabahar port is all set to bring in new equipment for loading and discharging at the facility. It is also expected to invest about US$ 85 million. Sa Hashmi, a senior port control officer, gave this information on Saturday. Hashmi mentioned our operator is an Indian firm that is going to invest approximately US $8.5 billion by bringing new equipment for discharging and loading purposes.

He further mentioned that the Indian firm present is the port operator. This indicates that he is responsible for loading and discharging incoming vessels and each ocean-going ship. Hashmi said that there is no set limit for any vessel.

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He said a passenger terminal is dedicated to seafarers and vessels reaching there. Any ferry vessel can come here. He also mentioned that they can convert a large vessel loaded with 6000 container vessels if needed. There is plenty of space for berthing or onboarding the vessels.

A news agency of India visited Iran’s Chabahar port on Saturday and met the Indians employed at the port to know how the nation has been conducting its day-to-day activities at the Shaheed Beheshti port based in the Chabahar Free Zone. During this, Indian Ports Global Limited (abbreviated the IPLG) cranes were observed at the port. These were there to unload and load cargo from vessels.

The IPLG has a large office at the port in Chabahar, operated by the Indian authority. Several shipping containers were observed at the port, while DELRUBA, a cargo vessel that had set sail for China, was loading iron dust. In the meantime, Rudra Gaurav Shrestha, the Indian Ambassador to Iran, visited Chabahar port on Friday. This was his first-ever visit to the port after he took over as ambassador.

Chabahar is a crucial assignment for India, and this is reflected in the fact that the ambassador from India chose Chabahar for his first-ever official visit outside Tehran, per a source. On his maiden visit to the Chabahar Port, the ambassador met several senior port officials.

Engineer Asgari, the Director General of Ports, Dr. Sepahi — the Chabahar Governor, the MD of India Ports Global Limited, Sunil Mukundan, and other relevant port officials interacted with the envoy. Rudra Gaurav Shrestha is known to be a career diplomat and a member of the Indian Foreign Service. He took charge as the Indian Ambassador to Iran in May 2023.

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