H2SITE Achieves Milestone With World’s First On-Board Ammonia Cracking System

The world’s first on-board ammonia cracking system has been successfully put into service by Spanish hydrogen transport solutions provider H2SITE.

The BERTHA B supply ship navigating the Gulf of Biscay uses the high-purity hydrogen produced by the system in a PEM fuel cell to generate electricity for auxiliary consumptions.

Video Credit: H2SITE/LinkedIn

Intending to decarbonise maritime transportation, the H2OCEAN project shared this milestone on November 21.

The efficient conversion of all ammonia into high-purity hydrogen in a single process step is guaranteed by H2SITE’s integrated membrane reactor.

The novel technology reduces the installation footprint, essential for applications where space is at a premium, like on a vessel, and improves system efficiency. H2SITE’s Technical Director, Jose Medrano, underlined the importance of cutting ammonia consumption, which is a crucial factor to consider when increasing power output units.

Collaboration with major players in maritime decarbonisation, such as Zumaia Offshore, Erhardt Offshore, Ajusa, TECNALIA, Enagas, and ABS, has made the project successful.

Since the transportation sector contributes 2% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, developments in alternative fuels such as hydrogen are essential to reducing emissions.

This accomplishment strengthens H2SITE’s position in decarbonising maritime transportation and is consistent with international initiatives to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

References- Offshore Energy, AFP

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