Columbian Navy Successfully Seizes 1.8 Tons Of Cocaine From Narco Submarine

A narco submarine that was headed for Central America was successfully seized by the Colombian Navy off its Pacific coast, stopping the trafficking of 1.8 tons of cocaine.

Coast Guard units discovered the vessel in inclement weather. It was built to operate secretly beneath the water’s surface.

Video Credit: Columbian Navy/Twitter

There were two Ecuadorians and one Colombian on board the narco submarine, which was also referred to as a semi-submersible low-profile craft.

The three people who are now in custody and will be prosecuted for their roles in the illegal operation are aged 26, 37, and 63, respectively.

The arrest took place close to Colombia’s western shore in a location that is well-known for bringing drug smugglers.

The low-profile design of the vessel was intended to prevent detection, but the Navy’s intervention successfully stopped the trafficking attempt.

Authorities verified that the narco submarine’s cargo was cocaine hydrochloride after the ship and crew were transferred to the port city of Tumaco. Over 1.2 million doses of cocaine—worth an estimated $60 million—were intercepted.

This effective operation supports the Colombian Navy’s 2023 operations, which have resulted in the seizure of over 20 vessels and over 32 tons of cocaine, greatly advancing the country’s anti-trafficking campaigns.

The interception comes after other noteworthy busts, such as the largest in three decades, the 30-meter narco-submarine that was apprehended in May and was carrying over 3 tons of cocaine.

The Colombian Navy is dedicated to defending its territory and stopping illegal activity in spite of ongoing difficulties.

Reference: OCCRP

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