China’s Marine Plastic Treatment Technology Wins UN’s Highest Environment Award

On Monday, the UN Environment Program honoured China’s Blue Circle initiative with the Earth Award 2023’s champions — the most prestigious ecological recognition of the UN — for its marine plastic treatment tech.

Video Credit: New China TV

In 2023, about five recipients from a pool covering 2,500 nominations were also honoured.

Among them was the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research based in South Africa, whose efforts contributed to the fight against plastic contamination, per a statement published by the Nairobi-based organisation.

Honoured in the category of Entrepreneurial Vision, the Blue Circle uses blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor the lifecycle of plastic contamination, encompassing collection, re-manufacturing, regeneration, as well as re-sale.

To date, it has been able to gather more than 10,700 tons of marine debris, making it China’s greatest marine plastic waste mission.

This results from a collaboration that involves over 6,000 people and more than 200 enterprises from the eastern province of China’s Zhejiang.

Referring to plastic pollution as “deeply concerning,” Inger Andersen, the executive director associated with the UNEP, mentioned that to solve the problem, a total change is needed urgently.

This is going to take nothing less than a 100% transformation: to lower the amount of plastic produced eliminate the single-use plastics, and switch to re-use systems as well as alternatives that help avoid the negative ecological as well as social impacts that we are experiencing with plastic contamination, mentioned Andersen.

The annual Champions of the Earth award was first established back in 2005 to honor the innovators who lead the efforts to safeguard people as well as the environment.

It honored 116 laureates over the years, inclusive of 27 world leaders, 70 exceptional personalities, and 19 distinguished institutions.

Reference: China Daily

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