What are Houseboats?

Houseboats are a unique transformation of a simple concept of boats on water. As their name illustrates, these boats function as an alternate residential paradigm. In many countries across the world, houseboats have been a mainstay for countless decades and even centuries. Presently, the number of people opting to live on such residential vessels is gaining immense popularity and significance, even in countries which are not associated generally with such a concept.

Types of Houseboats

Generally speaking, there are two major types of houseboats:

  • The ones that are perpetually harboured and thus are static. These houseboat models resemble flatboats or barges and come equipped with all the necessary conveniences. However these houseboat models cannot operate on water because of the distinct absence of propelling gadgetries.
house boat
The second variance of house boats come equipped with not just homely furnishings but also engines to propel them on water. Though these kinds of houseboat models cannot be operated in the high or open oceanic areas, they can be operated quite successfully in minor water bodies.

The first variance of house boats is basically used as a residential alternative, while the latter forms more of a vacationing vessel. Thus the constructional aspects of each of the two classifications of houseboats differ, and quite substantially at that.

Houseboat Design and Houseboat Construction

In terms of houseboat construction, a lot depends on the water zone where the houseboat is potentially to be located. Each area demarcates specific designing and constructional requirements, compliance with which is absolutely necessary by the potential houseboat possessors.

  • In case of residential types of houseboats, possessors need to have a firm base structure
  • The materials used in houseboat construction range in a myriad manner from aluminium to steel, timber and even fibreglass
  • Proximity to the nearest and immediate provinciality is also an important houseboat construction consideration
  • Proper systems to dispose of the waste materials is a significant factor to consider in terms of houseboat design

house boat construction

In those variances of houseboats used as a vacationing vessel, patrons need to be extremely careful in terms of utilisation of water and other necessary amenities and the disposing of the same. Since certain water areas have been protected with maritime laws and bylaws, respecting and adhering to these stipulations becomes a primary condition while vacationing in a houseboat.

Although houseboats are generally considered to be equipped with the barest of high-end gadgetries, there are some luxury house boats that are in operation contemporarily. The facilities in these luxury house boats include refrigeration and air conditioning units, with ample space for not just inhabitation but also for storage and other kinds of requirements.

Communal Development

House boats have become a unique form of group structure. The like-mindedness of the people living in close proximity with each other in such residential complexes has resulted in a strong bond being formed between these people. Such a strong bond has resulted in a different-yet-noteworthy form of fraternisation, which is totally positive in its spread and outreach.

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