Distinctive Ships of 2010 : Super Tanker Dar Salwa

In conjunction with the fruition of the oil industry, the expertise of oil haulage has forever been going forward. This fact was yet again proved right with the launch of the oil tanker, Dar Salwa, in November of 2010. KOTC (Kuwait Oil Tankers Company), as part of their modernizing route of action, received the Dar Salwa into their armada. Instituted in 1957, the KOTC did not take long to become the primary source of Kuwait oil transportation.

The receiving and launching ceremony for the Dar Salwa was held at the Ahmadi port promising to fortify Kuwait’s potential to send crude oil overseas around the world. With a tonnage of 319,761 DWT, the tanker measures up to a length of 333 metres and spreads 60 metres wide. Daewoo Engineering and Construction of South Korea undertook to assemble the tanker that will aid in carrying LPG (Liquefied Natural Gas), crude oil and petroleum merchandise. This tanker with a double hull cost the makers around $168 million.

The current KOTC’s project includes structuring of four such tankers as Dar Salwa and thus this oil tanker is an essential add up to the fleet of KOTC. Though the groundwork and bringing together processes consumed two whole years, the actual edifice procedure took only about eight months and was completed as per schedules and thus handed over on the contracted date. Belonging to the Det Norske Veritas of class society and besides being a double hull tanker, the Dar Salwa has been structured on a very thought after design with the upper deck fully welded and a gaunt deck at the rear. The helm is semi balanced and the propeller is fixed and is directly driven by a diesel engine of slow speed.

The efficient systems incorporated into the tanker are highly environment friendly and are of the highest quality. The stator is a pre-swirl kind and thus saves up on a lot of energy besides saving the same through the monitoring systems. It also includes special apparatus for the dealing various discharges from the tanker. Moreover, the issue of tackling sea piracy has not been compromised with the tanker being equipped with rooms for protection that are resistant to attacks. Comfort of the crew has also not been forgone with even an entertainment system including satellite televisions being fit in.

With the Dar Salwa now on the run, KOTC can be sure to provide the best of marine services.


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