Ambiorix: A Powerful Self-propelled Cutter Suction Dredger

Put into operation in the fall of 2011, the Ambiorix is one-of-its kind cutter suction dredger vessel. Owned and operated by the Dutch conglomerate DEME – Dredging Environmental and Marine Engineering, the vessel’s operational singularity stems from its applicability in the hardest of sub-water dredging conditions.

In fact the vessel has been designed to be dredged in underwater areas that not only can be easily dredged, but even in those areas that contain the hardest of stones.

Christened after a Belgian war-hero of the Before Christian era, the Ambiorix was constructed at the Dutch IHC Merwede shipbuilding yard. In entirety, the vessel took about two years to get completed, starting with its commissioning in 2010.

Vessel Features and Specifications


  • Ambiorix can penetrate to depths up to 35 metres underwater
  • At its shallowest, the vessel offers dredging assistance at depths about six metres
  • The vessel also offers lading facilities for barges docked near the vessel
  • Manoeuvrable spudding system to monitor the dredging procedure and control it appropriately
  • Continuous live feed of the dredging operations carried out, on account of transmission systems equipped in the vessel. This helps in the better skilful output of the entire operations
  • Computer programmed controlling of the vessel negates the failure factor of the dredging activities


  • Ambiorix measures almost 129 metres lengthwise, with a breadth of 25.2 metres and a depth of 8.2 metres
  • The vessel provides housing feasibility for a crew of 43 people
  • The maximum power generated is 25,000 kilowatts
  • The vessel has three pumping equipments for the purposes of dredging

Ambiorix has revolutionised the domain of dredging vessels in operation today. As the chief dredging ship for its owner, it has helped DEME to reach heights in the international dredging arena, never seen before.


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