U.S. Navy’s New Constellation-Class Frigate To Be Named ‘Lafayette’ After A War Hero

A vessel to be built in Marinette will be dubbed after an eminent figure in the American Revolution.

The U.S. Navy declared the fourth new frigate that belongs to the Constellation class will be titled USS Lafayette, named after Marquis de Lafayette.

Lafayette was a French aristocrat and a military officer who volunteered to be part of the Continental Army, spearheaded by Gen George Washington, in the American Revolutionary War. In 1779, he got back to France briefly, where he advocated for military aid for Americans. He got wounded at the Battle of Brandywine, where the British soldiers shot him in the leg. Post-recovery, Lafayette became part of Gen. George Washington as part of his staff.

Image Credit: navy.mil

Back in 2002, Congress made Lafayette an honorary U.S. citizen posthumously.

Three earlier Navy vessels were titled in honour of Lafayette: a sidewheel iron-clad ram, a transport vessel (the AP 53), and a ballistic missile sub (the SSBN 616).

The future USS Lafayette is reportedly scheduled to be commissioned in 2029.

Reference: EH extra, Fox11, Klfy

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