The World’s Biggest 24,000 TEU Container Ship Delivered

The largest container vessel in the world, manufactured by China State Shipbuilding Corporation, was handed over to a client on Wednesday, in Shanghai. As per reports, the container ship will ply from the Far East to Europe.

A first of its kind, the gigantic ship has a carrying capacity of 24,000 TEUs. Designed by the Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group, the Ever Alot is 399.99 metres long and 61.5 m broad. Its length exceeds that of the world’s largest aircraft and it is wider than three football fields.

The 33.3 metre deep compartments can accommodate over 24,000 standard-sized containers, filled with approximately 240,000 tonnes of cargo. Sacked containers can reach a height equal to a 22 storey-construction, which points to the ship’s vast carrying capacity, as per reports.

Container Ship
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According to the shipbuilder, the container vessel features the ‘ hydrodynamic optimisation technology’ which enables it to glide smoothly when loaded with heavy cargo, without compromising speed. The inbuilt bubble drag reduction and shaft generator system decreases fuel consumption and carbon emissions by three to four per cent.

Ever Lot’s delivery portrays China’s rapidly evolving shipbuilding techniques, fuelled by advancements in maritime technological research in the country. Hudong-Zhonghua has constructed over 70 container ships in the past and is currently engaged in manufacturing 9 ultra-large container carriers of 24,000 TEU.

References: CGTN, Global Times

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