NYK Maritime Museum Welcomes 500,000th Visitor

The NYK Maritime Museum, located in Yokohama, Japan, welcomed its 500,000th visitor on October 6 2018. (The NYK Maritime Museum opened in December 1993 and underwent a renewal and name change in 2003.)

The lucky guest was a Mr. and Mrs. Nozaki, which resides in Komae city, Tokyo, and in recognition of the visit, the couple was presented with a pair of tickets to a dinner cruise from the Cruise Club Tokyo, provided by an NYK Group company, a description of the museum’s current exhibition, flowers, and a photo.

On receiving the recognition, Mr. and Mrs. Nozaki commented, “This is the first time for us to visit Yokohama in 20 years, and we feel happy to make a good memory here.

Image Credits: nyk.com

To commemorate this milestone, small gifts will be given to 50 visitors each day for 23 days between October 6 to 29 2018.

A special exhibition featuring the history of posters and pamphlets of NYK and the artists involved is being held until October 28. In addition, a new cosponsored exhibition with the Seiko Museum will be held from November 3.

NYK will continue its efforts to deepen interest in the maritime industry and ships by providing current and future generations with a link to Japan’s maritime history.

Reference: nyk.com

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