ME Production Expands In China And Denmark

To meet the growing worldwide demand for marine scrubber solutions, ME Production is opening a new facility in Jiaxing in China and is expanding its existing production facility in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

To meet the growing demand for our services and solutions, ME Production is expanding in both Denmark and China, says CEO Jens Peter Faldt.

We have rented new premises close to our existing headquarter in Frederikshavn, Denmark, and with our new 2,000 sqm we now have more than 6,000 sqm at our disposal. Soon we will be opening a factory in China of approximately the same size.”

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A booming demand worldwide for marine scrubber solutions is the number one cause of the significant growth experienced by ME Production. The booming demand is triggered by 2016 legal requirements and emission standards that set a global limit for sulphur in marine exhaust gas of 0.50% m/m from 1 January 2020.

As the deadline rapidly moves closer, shipping companies are forced to react, and the solution they choose is often an ME Production marine scrubber system.

Two of the shipping companies that have chosen scrubber solutions from ME Production to cut sulphur oxide emissions are NORDEN and DFDS.

We have conducted a thorough analysis of our options to ensure that we are ready to meet the new emission standards by 1 January 2020. We expect a significant price difference between low sulphur and high sulphur fuel for a considerable length of time, and consequently, scrubbers are the most attrac,tive method to meet the new sulphur emission standards.

We believe that vessels equipped with scrubbers have a competitive advantage from 2020, and thus we are convinced that scrubber technology is a financially sound investment, says Jens Christensen, Head of Technical Department in NORDEN.

NORDEN has chosen an ME Production scrubber solution for several reasons:

First and foremost, ME Production offers technically convincing solutions that meet our specific demands. In addition, they have been very forthcoming and open to our suggestions and requests, and we look forward to continuing our successful cooperation, says Jens Christensen.

This summer DFDS announced that 12 of their cargo vessels in the Mediterranean are to be equipped with scrubber solutions from ME Production in Frederikshavn. With this new investment, 29 out of 49 DFDS vessels now use scrubber systems to cut sulphur emissions.

We have chosen to invest in scrubber technology because it efficiently cuts sulphur emissions and reduces the emission of particles. We know from experience that it is an effective solution on board our vessels and finally, it is an economically sound solution compared to using low sulphur fuel, says Gert Jakobsen, Vice President, Group Communications, DFDS.

ME Production opens the new facility in China to be close to newbuild vessel construction projects in the region, whereas the company is expanding in Frederikshavn, Denmark, to meet the increased demand for retrofitting.

We expect to deliver one scrubber a week in both China and Denmark and one unit costs between 7.5 and 10 million Danish kroner, says Jens Jens Peter Faldt.

ME Production has sold 31 scrubbers this year alone. In comparison, the company has only sold a total of six scrubbers in the past four years. The number of employees has gone up from 55 to 90, and the company is expecting to continually expand the team.


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