China’s First Intelligent Research Vessel With Digital Twin Technology Sets Sail On Maiden Voyage

China’s first-ever intelligent research vessel equipped with digital twin technology set sail on Friday for its maiden voyage from Penglai in the Shandong Province of East China.

Heading for Qingdao, the capital city of Shandong, the vessel will conduct a series of experiments along the way with intelligent capabilities, including the verification of autonomous navigation and operation, equipment performance indicators, and virtual and real interaction of the digital twin system.

Developed by Harbin Engineering University, the vessel, Haitun 1 (Dolphin) measures 25 meters long with a displacement of approximately 1,000 tons.

Dolphin 1
Representation Image

It is empowered by the nation’s first-ever ship-borne digital twin system and boasts multiple breakthroughs in terms of technologies.

The vessel also boasts multi-source information fusion besides cooperative detection technologies that integrate lidar, video images, solid-state radar, and sound signals that intelligently help perceive the marine environment and small targets.

The digital twin technology system, with technologies like digital modelling, virtual reality interaction in real-time, and ship-shore mirroring, helps secure intelligent functions like remote control and autonomous navigation.

Haitun 1’s delivery will effectively promote practical applications and frontier exploration of digital twin technology in the marine field of China.

References: CGTN, stdaily

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