ABS Enables Remote Surveys

ABS introduced remote surveys as part of its ongoing commitment to drive safety performance and productivity for clients using digital technologies. “Our global workforce delivers unparalleled responsiveness to meet our clients’ needs; however, ABS Remote Survey takes responsiveness to a higher level. Clients save time and money, by ABS surveyors reviewing assets remotely,” said John McDonald, Senior Vice President, Western Hemisphere Operations. “Further, ABS Remote Survey gives operators greater flexibility and efficiency. This is the latest safety step in the ABS mission to promote the security of life and property and preserve the natural environment.”

ABS Enables Remote Surveys
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“ABS Remote Survey gives us a time-saving option to increase efficiency and flexibility in our operations,” said John Knowlton, Senior Vice President Technical, Ensco.

“We’re eager to use this new capability with remote survey as it will increase efficiency of our operations,” said Sachin Mehra, VP Asset Management, Ensco. “This means our units can receive support from an ABS surveyor from any location in the world. We expect the option to conduct an Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Drydocking (UWILD) remotely will reduce the logistical expenses of a UWILD significantly.”

“We are committed to harnessing digital technologies to solve owners and operators challenges to improve performance, control costs, and drive efficiencies across the industry, while never compromising safety,” said John McDonald, Senior Vice President, Western Hemisphere Operations. “This year we introduced ABS e-Certificates and our Smart Guidance. Now, by offering easy direct access to our global network of surveyors, ABS Remote Survey delivers a new option for smart and safe surveying.”

Many vessels are eligible for ABS Remote Survey, although the ABS Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP) notation, which helps owners and operators maintain their vessels with updated machinery maintenance practices, is recommended for maximum advantage.

The following survey types are presently suitable for ABS Remote Survey, with more to be added:

  • Continuous Machinery Survey
  • Tailshaft Survey Extension
  • Minor Damage Survey
  • Rectification for Outstanding Class Recommendation or Outstanding Statutory Deficiencies
  • Remote Underwater Examination of Offshore Units

Reference: eagle.org

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