Learn About Fatal Bacteria that Grow in Ship’s Air-Con System

It is a known fact that there are certain types of bacteria which flourish in the air conditioning system of a ship. These organisms or bacteria flourish or increase in number in stagnant water or in wet deposits of slime or sludge. If these bacteria multiply exponentially and are not removed then they spoil the living condition on ship, making it harmful for the crew.

The most common locations where these bacteria colonies are found are at the inlet areas and filters of the cooler, humidifiers of the water spray type air-con, and inside damaged insulations.

Fatal Bacteria

This specific type of bacteria is known as legionella bacteria, which cause a disease known as Legionnaire disease. It is a type of Pneumonia which can be fatal to people, especially to the elder ones.

How to Prevent Growth of Such Bacteria?

Growth of bacteria can be prevented by removing stagnant water from different areas of the ship. Also, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Growth of legionella bacteria can be prevented with the help of proper provision of adequate drainage to remove the stagnant water.
  • Regular inspection and cleaning of the filters and similar parts using 50 ppm super chlorinated solution used as a sterilizing agent.
  • The super chlorinated solution is also to be used on the cooler drain area at not more than three months intervals.
  • This sterilization is necessary for water spray type humidifier in air conditioning system.
  • Steam spray humidifiers are to be preferred over water spray humidifiers.

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  1. I hv worked at sea for 43 years and long time before heard about this, when only blower is running in cold area the air con duct become dry and this bacteria is no more flourishing. In areas where air con. is conti. running with humidity especially dampness of condensate this bacteria can flourish, but once air con stopped and only blower running no chance of this. best way to avoid is after every few weeks air con to be stopped for few hour and only blower to be keep running,.

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