Port Gantry Cranes: A General Overview

Cranes are equipments that are used to maneuver heavy goods and items from one place to another. Gantry cranes are a variety of heavy cranes that are generally used to put together different heavy items into one single major item. Gantry cranes are commonly seen at busy ports for loading and unloading cargo. Since gantry cranes specialize in assembling the goods required to be put together, they are a very great help in ports.

When it comes to ports, there is always a necessity to garner the cargo and then pile it in the right cargo-container or to load or unload a ship with cargo containers. Cranes are a necessity when it comes to lifting such cargo from one place to another and with respect to heavy cranes required for this purpose, gantry cranes are the best.

Understanding Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes are immobile, in the sense that the lifting aspect of the crane is attached to holders which resembles a rectangle. The goods that are required to be transported need to be taken to the place where the crane is situated or as it is more frequently done, there is a continuously moving ramp constructed near a gantry crane, which allows the crane to carry out its duties efficiently. However, gantry cranes are movable within the rectangular framework that covers the operation of these heavy cranes. They can be shuttled to and fro and from left to right within the rectangular support and the goods that are required to be transported are adjusted accordingly.

Benefits at Ports

The role of cranes, especially heavy cranes like gantry cranes is very valuable in the ports because there is a lot of cargo that is required to assembled, hauled and removed from one container to another, thus making the use of heavy cranes imperative for the operations.

Port Gantry Cranes

Another important feature to be noted about gantry cranes is that even though they are heavy cranes, there is a certain weight limit which is laid down for this type of cranes. Weight limit is essential because if there is none set on the number of goods that can be carried and maneuvered by the gantry cranes, it is quite possible that due to the excessive weight load, the entire crane and its rectangular support might snap and break of. If this happens, it could prove to be a very heavy loss not just in terms of money for the cost of repairing the crane but because it would mean some other gantry crane will have to be deployed to take care of the moving of goods because of the breaking down of a gantry crane.

Since ports are busy it becomes important that this sort of loss is curtailed, thus making it relevant and important to stick to the weight limit set for the gantry cranes, in spite of them being cranes used for heavy duty purposes. It is only by adhering to the regulated norms; one can achieve full utility from heavy port gantry cranes.


Gantry cranes are very important mechanized tools in today’s times. And when it comes to transportation of goods and items in ports, no other equipment is as beneficial as gantry cranes are. And as very important pieces of contemporary engineering science, such cranes feature as the primary tool when it comes to movement of goods and items from one place to another, thus making them a very valuable and worthy supportive appliance.

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