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A Master’s Guide to Container Securing  

An essential guide by Lloyd’s Register describing container securing procedures for ship officers.

Best Management Practices for Protection Against Somalia Based Piracy 

The guide provides best management practices for the protection of seafarers from Somali based piracy. This reference can make a significant contribution in preventing a ship from becoming a victim of piracy in the Gulf of Aden, in the Somali Basin and the Arabian Sea.

Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006 

Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), provides a broad perspective to the seafarer’s rights and fortification at work. The convention lay down a set of regulations for seafarers regarding protection at work, living conditions, employment, health, social security and similar related issues. This is a must read for all seafarers.

Reducing the Port State Detention Factor – Pre Port Arrival Quick Reference Guide

A quick reference guide by ABS describing the most common factors that are responsible for detention of ships by the port state control (PSC).

Low Temperature Operations – Guidance for Arctic Shipping 

A reference guide by ABS for ships plying in low temperature and Arctic regions.

Code of Practice for the Safe Loading and Unloading of Bulk Carriers 

Published by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, this guide is a reproduction of IMO resolution A.862(20) and features safety measures designed to improve safety of  bulk carrier ships.

How to Comply With MARPOL Annex V?

“How to Comply With MARPOL Annex V – New amendments governing cargo classification and the discharge of cargo hold wash water” is a new publication produced by the UK P&I Club, in partnership with ITOPF, which is aimed at helping Shippers, Charterers, Owners and Crews fully understand and comply with the MARPOL Annex V changes.

Water Ingress Monitoring – A Guide for Masters of Bulk Carriers 

BIMCO’s specific guidance on what to do in the event of activation of the Water Ingress Detection or Monitoring system (WIDS)

A Guide for Carrying Solid Bulk Cargoes Safety

The UK P&I Club, Lloyd’s Register and Intercargo have produced a pock0 et guide and checklist for ship’s officers and agents who arrange cargoes for loading.

Guidance and Information on Bulk Cargo Loading and Discharging to reduce the likelihood of over-stressing the hull structure of Bulk Carriers

A Guide by IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) to provide the shipping community with guidance and information on the loading and discharging of bulk carriers to remain within the limitations as specified by the classification society to reduce the likelihood of over-stressing the ship’s structure.

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MLC, 2006 Pocket Checklist

The ILO MLC pocket checklist aims to help owners, operators and crew comply with the Marine Labour Convention which came into force in August 2013. Non compliance with the requirements of the convention will result in port state control (PSC) detentions, so to help reduce the risk of your ship being detained, as a minimum, we strongly recommend that you include the items in this checklist as part of your final checks before the voyage and port entry.

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