Reasoning Out the Mystery: The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the 12 vile vortices that are present on the earth’s surface. Vile vortices are places where the earth’s magnetic pull is quite high and interferes with modern scientific equipments like the compass and the gyroscope. The main reason that the Bermuda Triangle gets so much allure and intrigue than the remaining 11 vile vortices is because of the various incidents and mishaps that have occurred in its path.

Devil’s Triangle

Also known as Devil’s Triangle, the Bermuda Triangle covers a triangular area of Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean. And from the time, aircrafts and ships were reported to be as going missing over this triangular part in the past four-five decades, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has deepened and made everyone think of every hypothesis and possibility about the incidents occurring in the Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle

Over the years there have been many planes and ships which have mysteriously lost all contact with the air traffic controllers and with no sense of direction to guide them because of their equipments malfunctioning, have been lost to the world. During the Second World War in 1945, a US Squadron Fighter plane – Flight 19 – which had a crew of 19 people along with five Navy Bombers went missing in the Devil’s Triangle. A seaplane which was sent to find the missing plane also lost all contact with the airbase and it too ended up being missing subsequently.

These two events have been very prominent in the long list of planes going amiss in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. And following them, there have been others which have gone amiss with no sign of their whereabouts anywhere else in the world. There have been ships too which have come under the influence of the Devil’s Triangle and have dropped out from the view of the appropriate marine authorities and instruments. Prominent amongst the various ships are Sulphur Queen, a marine tanker ship and Scorpion, a submarine powered by nuclear energy which went missing in the years 1963 and 1968 respectively.

Science Vs Myth

But as science and technology have developed and the mystery of the vile vortices have been discovered in today’s times, it has been proved that the mystery of the Devil’s Triangle is not because of any extra-terrestrials or UFOs or due to any other mysterious objects. The fact that there is a very high pull of the earth’s natural magnet which redirects the compass and other sophisticated equipments and disallows them to take their intended route through the waters is the main reason behind the bizarre occurrences of the Bermuda Triangle than any other reason.

The Bermuda Triangle

In today’s times, even as one is aware of the risks of cruising through the waters in the Devil’s Triangle, one knows that there are several preventive measures which could be taken in order to avoid losing track of the intended route. By making sure to re-align the compass when there could be threat of the compass pointing towards the Earth’s magnetic North, one could avoid going amiss in the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean and thus hope to reach safely.


In the contemporary world, where everything is simple and uncomplicated, the presence of unusual events like the Bermuda Triangle adds complication in a completely different manner. Where one tries to remember only the mechanical and the technical, the natural bizarreness of the Devil’s Triangle is like a reality check reminding everyone that in spite of all the up gradations that man has managed to do to the planet, in the end, Earth is just another planetary being affected by events that monitor its course in the solar system.

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