Is the Queen Mary Ship Really Haunted?

Over the years, the sightings of the apparitions haunting the Queen Mary Ship have increased to quite a number. The Queen Mary Ship, once a premium ocean liner that sailed the North Atlantic Ocean between the 1930s to the 1960s, is now a famous world tourist attraction, not just because of its ferrying history but also because of the paranormal guests that are supposed to be aboard and haunting it.

The Queen Mary luxury liner sailed its maiden voyage in 1936 from Southampton in England to Cherbourg in France to New York in the United States of America. During World War II, the Queen Mary Ship ferried troops instead of catering to tourists, keeping in mind the topmost priority. The fastest ship of its era, reaching a size of up to 1000 feet long, the Queen Mary Ship plied its last voyage in 1967 and, after that, has been docked in Long Beach, California, as a permanent tourist attraction.

And here is where the most exciting aspect of the Queen Mary Ship begins, her haunted history. These days, the Queen Mary Ship is not just known for normal human beings visiting the former grandeur and luxury of the cruise liner but also for the ghosts that are said to be haunting its rooms, pools and hallways.

Queen Mary Ship

There have been numerous sightings by tourists who have seen various apparitions and events that generally could not have taken place in a ship that has been defunct for over 40 years.

There have been reports of over 150 ghosts in the Queen Mary Ship, and going by the regularity in the sightings of these paranormal beings, there seems to be a lot of truth in them. People seem to have experienced drastic temperature changes when they entered certain parts of the ship, such as near the second-class pool, the haunted stateroom, the shaft alley and the adjacent bathroom.

The stateroom is said to smell of cigars and perfume sometimes. Another weird phenomenon is the creaking of doors, knocks, sudden squeals, laughter, sounds of people talking, whistling in an empty room etc.

As in every ghost story, while there have been sightings and hearings of lights being switched on and off and laughter coming from a room, in the case of the Queen Mary Ship, there have been other incidents too which have been noted as being out-of-the-ordinary.

A sighting of a crewman in blue coveralls whose face is bearded is a regular apparition. This ghost’s appearance refers to a well-known incident in the Queen Mary Ship where a fireman was killed by getting crushed underneath a watertight door during a regular fire drill. This apparition is of the same crew member who was killed and now haunts the doorway which was responsible for his death in the first place.

The appearance of wet footprints on the floor near the first class swimming pool when no swimming activity can be possible in the first place is also a spooky happening that tourists have mentioned quite often. Apart from these two events, children crying and laughing in the third class playroom nursery and the sighting of a little girl who drowned in the second class swimming pool have also been reported.

It is said that the ghost of an engineer who died in the engine room, a woman wearing white clothes and children near the first class pool are also seen by visitors. Hence, Time Magazine voted the Queen Mary as one of the most haunted places in America.

The Haunted encounters on the ship leave people awestruck and amazed. The thought of ghosts hovering in the vicinity where people continue to visit and thrive does create a sense of uneasiness and scepticism.

Still, one has to understand that just like most of us believe in the existence of God, fairies and other good spirits, the existence of ghosts cannot be ruled out either. The presence of ghosts aboard the Queen Mary Ship indicates the presence of paranormal activity that hovers on the periphery of our mundane life, adding an entirely new dimension to it.

Whether we want to accept or regard it with doubt is up to us. The Queen Mary Ship is not going to go anywhere; by the looks of it, neither are its paranormal inhabitants.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the Queen Mary ship so famous?

It was once a famous ocean liner which sailed in the North Atlantic Ocean in the 1930s and 1960s. It is now a renowned tourist spot not only because of its rich maritime history but various paranormal sightings.

2. Is the Queen Mary really haunted?

Based on the countless reports of ghost sightings onboard the ship, it can be said that the ship is haunted, and over 150 ghosts reside on the vessel.

3. What are the commonly reported occurrences onboard the ship?

People have seen wet footprints near the swimming pool, experienced sudden temperature drops, seen apparitions of a crewman said to have died near the shaft alley, a grey ghost and heard loud noises of people talking and children playing, which is evidence enough to say that the claims of haunting might not be just a story or rumour.

4. Where is the haunted Queen Mary ship located?

When world war II started, Queen Mary was painted grey and was called the ghost ship as it was used for ferrying soldiers to the war zones. Today, she is docked at the port of Long Beach, California, where she functions as a floating hotel.

5. Can you go inside the Queen Mary ship?

Yes, one can book a reservation to stay on the ship. She has many historical attractions open from 10 AM to 7 PM. Guided tours outlining the ship’s history and paranormal activities can also be booked in advance.

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  1. To alexander, pre-comment:
    If u think its bullshit maybe u should check it out yourself. Otherwise keep your ignorant mouth and thoughts to yourself.

  2. I’ve been in it. I am 100% convenience this ship is haunted. Besides our lights constantly shutting off and hearing the noises in the empty hallways, you never feel alone. I never seen any ghosts physically, but from what we experienced, there was no need to.

  3. is it Expensive to visit the Queen Mary I never been . But Im fascinated with the Paranormal.

  4. To Alexander, if you think it’s bullshit ? Why don’t you man up and go spend a night . You probably won’t because you are a pussy.

  5. I have been to the queen marys ship and it was terrifying, from the moment i got there i have felt a large present just following me.

  6. I was on this ship as a child. My little brother and I talked to a bearded man but were told there was no one to m.j watch his description working there. This was in the 70’s before it was all opened to tourist

  7. I don’t really believe that there are ghost but I have went there and there is some shit going on in there

  8. It’s definitely haunted. Many years ago, I went to the pool area. I listened at the door and heard whispering and then a little girl was very clearly saying “help me”. The elevator doors started opening and closing as well. I also saw the door knob turn in the children’s play area. My husband and I had a plan to walk around at night and ghost hunt but we didn’t need to bc it happened without trying.

  9. I’ve never been to visit the queen Mary nor have ever been to California but I’ve been wanting to go to Cali since I was 14 yrs now 39 maybe one day I’ll save my money,plan on visiting who doesn’t love the most beautiful state on earth California…🌎 and maybe The queen Mary I’ll visit it IDK from reading the comments and watching the clips I’ll be to scared 😳….

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