BIMCO Kicks Off Its First Advisory Panel In Asia

The Singapore event was the first in a series of Advisory Panels for Asia members which will be held every year. “Asian owner members of BIMCO are at the very heart of our business today and in the future,” says BIMCO Secretary General and Chief Executive, Angus Frew, who chaired the event.

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“Meeting our members face-to-face across Asia provides a unique opportunity for us to listen and understand how we can support them with the big challenges facing their businesses and the industry, whether those are contractual, technical or regulatory,” Angus Frew says.

Focus on issues impacting the business

Each BIMCO Advisory Panel will consist of around ten key decision makers from core BIMCO owner members based in those cities. The dialogue at the events will focus on topical issues impacting the shipowners’ businesses.

Such issues are future regulation on greenhouse gasses, contractual and technical issues faced in the run up to the implementation of the 2020 sulphur cap, business trends, and contracts and clauses that BIMCO is constantly developing and updating as the world changes.

By engaging with the Advisory Panel members, new policy ideas can be tested, ideas for new contracts can be developed and BIMCO can get an excellent sense of the currents in the Asia shipping community.


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