LSD 100: A Non-Lethal Way to Fight Piracy at Sea

With increase in piracy activities at high seas, many weapons and equipments have been developed to fight pirates. Though pirates are a threat to maritime industry, using lethal ways to fight them have been criticized by countries around the world. Considering this fact, companies are coming up with non-lethal ways to fight piracy at sea. LSD 100 is one such way.

LSD 100 uses laser technology to generate an intense 10 m wide beam and projects it on the inbound threat, making your vessel too painful to look at or approach.

LSD 100 uses systems such as multiband lasers, command centre and recording system, and cameras and laser optics.

Though this method does not provide any surety of holding back the pirates, it can definitely help the ship to buy time to seek for more help or prepare the crew to fight the pirates.


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