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With the latest digital advancements, the maritime industry has become highly vulnerable to cyber crimes. In the past few years, many cyber attacks have been reported in the industry, resulting in massive financial damages and posing a significant threat to ships, cargo and crew.

As the industry continues to become an easy target for cybercriminals, it is not only the duty of shipping companies and authorities but also of maritime professionals to ensure cybersecurity on ships by becoming aware of the possible threats and consequences.

Considering the importance of cyber safety and security in today’s age, Marine Insight is introducing a free pocket guide for maritime professionals to create awareness about cyber crimes and cyber safety.

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This guide will provide details on:

  • Importance of cybersecurity
  • Common ways for cyber attacks on ships
  • How to identify a cyber attack
  • Security against cybercrime
  • Responding to cyber attacks
  • Security measures and contingency plans.

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