What Kind of Maritime Security Services Does Maritime Security Firms Provide?

As per the rules of the MTSC (Marine Transportation Safety Coalition) and the ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code), maritime security is the most important aspect of the business of international marine transportation.

The various elements that constitute maritime security can be summarized as follows:

  • Ship Security
  • Security to the facilities – this is specifically for those facilities that are located either on the oceanic waters or near to the waters and come under the purview of the nation. Barges and containers used for oil storage are some of the examples of the term ‘facilities’
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In order to ensure that maritime security is provided appropriately, there are several maritime security firms that have been established. These maritime security companies offer a wide range of services. Some of the most important and vital services that such companies offer to their clients can be enumerated as follows:

  • One of the very famous maritime security companies, Blackwater as a part of its maritime security service, provides units of marine protective forces with the relevant training. The company uses simulation  to give the entire training process a sense of realism
  • Several other companies provide specific anti-piracy courses pertaining to the Gulf of Aden, as a part of their maritime security services. This helps their clients to understand the situation in that area and also learn how to deal with it successfully in case of any conflict
  • Many maritime security firms offer the security of guards uniformed and armed in ports and on the ships. This offers a greater deal of active protection and thus ensures marine security to the people in a particular ship or in the ports and its vicinity
  • Certain companies also offer escort boats and ships when vital functions like cable laying and rigging are being carried out in the sea. Such escort ships will take up the responsibility to ward off any unprecedented piracy attacks and thereby ensure that the necessary processes are carried out without any interruption
  • Several maritime security firms also provide what is known as maritime intelligence architecture. These measures include proper planning of maritime security through solutions like CCTV cameras and other hi-tech equipments and gadgets. Such security measures are cost effective and highly beneficial
  • Other maritime security measures include:

–          Measures employed to recover missing ships and yachts

–          Necessary checking up on a crew personnel’s background to avoid any unwanted complications

–          Specific training pertaining to ISPS and MarSec

–          Training for the prevention of terrorism in the marine areas

–          Back-up services for the shore areas

With the help of proper maritime security, threats to the ship and the people on it can be thwarted. In today’s times marine transportation has reached greater heights and this is why maritime security companies are needed for professional safety services for the ships and ports.

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  1. One other important service that martime security consulting companies provide is assistance with complying with martime security regulatory requirements. Specifically, ensuring that a ship or port facility is in compliance with the requirements of the international Ship and Port facility Security (ISPS) Code and/or national requirements, such as the US Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002.

  2. Thanks for helping me learn more about maritime security. I actually didn’t know that some could offer escort boats and ships. I’m kind of interested to learn of some situations where it could be used to utilize this service.

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