6 Important Maritime Books for Deck Officers

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Deck officers carry out the most important tasks of navigation and cargo handling on ships.As the rules of navigation and shipping are constantly changing, deck officers are required to keep themselves updated with the latest knowledge using the best of maritime books.

Being a professional deck officer means one has to be adept in the areas of seamanship and navigation, which comes through efficient training and experience and using the right reference text books.  seamanship books

There is a wide range of maritime books available in the market for nautical science students and sea-going deck officers. From those, we have hand-picked some of the most important maritime books on seamanship, navigation, and ship stability which every seagoing deck officer must-have.

1. A Guide to Collision Avoidance Rules – A.N. Cockcroft & J.N.F. Lameijer

The Guide to Collision avoidance rules is a reference for safe operation of vessels by following international regulations for preventing collisions at sea. This book give a clear understanding of COLREGs along with detailed examples and most recent amendments to help seafarers with safe operation of ships.

2. Seamanship Techniques: Shipboard and Marine Operations  – David J House

Seamanship Technique is a famous book for cadets and deck officers, providing seamanship knowledge along with collision avoidance regulations, GMDSS requirements, rescue operation and pollution control etc. This book is used by training institutes around the world as a reference guide for shipboard training.

3. Ship Stability for Masters and Mates – Bryan Barrass

Ship stability is an important factor that is taken into consideration by deck officers while operating ships. Understanding ship safety is important for all deck officers who are studying or serving on ships. The book provides an introduction to all important aspects of ship stability and ship strength, squat, material stresses and forces, interaction and trim etc.

4. Effective Mooring – Oil Companies International Marine Forum

Effective Mooring is a popular text book which provides practical guidance on the basic principles of mooring. The book deals with safety procedures to be followed during mooring operation to avoid dangers and hazards. Some of the key topics covered are basic mooring theory, mooring winches, mooring at buoys and anchoring, wires and ropes etc.

5. The Seamanship Examiner: For STCW Certification Examinations – David J House & Farhan Saeed

The Seamanship Examiner is an excellent guide on seamanship based on the international standards of training, certification, and watch keeping. It is a must have book for all deck officers who are appearing for deck certificate of competency.

6. Ship Handling – Theory and Practice – David J. House

Ship handling – Theory and Practice is yet another powerful book by D.J. House which can be used for both as a training manual and as a day to day reference. This comprehensive guide on ship handling procedures covers requirements of all STCW level marine qualifications and provides expert guidance to maritime professionals.

More maritime books for deck officers

1. Seamanship : Fundamentals for the Deck Officer

2. Watch Officer’s Guide: A Handbook for all Deck Watch Officers

3. Bridge Team Management – A.J Swift

4. A Master’s Guide to Berthing

5. Reed’s Marine Distance Tables

Have we missed any important book for deck officer? Please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Can I suggest that my book “Rule 10 TSS, Traffic Separation Schemes”, recently published by Witherby Seamanship International would be a useful book for all deck cadets and other students going for COC examinations.

  2. Bowditch’s American Practical Navigator.

    A lighter use guide Chapman Piloting and Seamanship

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