The Vertical Foldable Cargo Container Can Save a Lot of Space

Huge cargo containers stacked one on top of other in ports or on ships occupy a lot of space. How great would it be if we can fold them and put it aside when they are not in use? Sounds unusual? Not anymore.

Staxxon a United States based company is developing a technology that will enable the cargo containers to fold themselves vertically. This vertical folding will result in the increase in space to about 4/5th of the container’s original size. In other words, it means that the folding will lead to the container’s size reducing to 1/5th of their actual size.


Staxxon has been established with the following objectives in mind. The same can be explained as follows:

  • The revised cargo containers and the development of the new containers have to be as per the required standards of the marine industry
  • The form, the stability and the qualitative standards of the cargo container have to be intact. In simple terms, their folding should not result in the container becoming faulty of inferior in quality
  • The required safety norms and regulations in terms of ports, shipping companies and all other important authorities are expected to be adhered by Staxxon
  • All the commercial and other contractual activities are expected to be adhered by Staxxon

The implementation of these norms ensures that there is no problem about the safe working of the vertically foldable cargo container. According to statistics, it has been proved that many cargo containers carry absolutely no cargo across the oceans. With the help of the Staxxon foldable cargo container, the problem of containers occupying space without any cargo can be easily removed.

Additionally there are several other advantages and highlights about the foldable cargo container. A few of the same can be elaborated as follows:

  • The planning and the architecture of the foldable cargo container has been carried through the process of CAD (Computer Assisted Designing), a process where simulation is possible and the designers and engineers can see the actual designing process step-by-step.
  • Staxxon have not eliminated the usage of steel as the main material used in cargo containers
  • Because of its innovative standards, vertical foldable cargo container received a patent 7,703,632 as per the United States’ standards

However, in spite of their being so many advantages about the foldable cargo containers, it needs to be noted that the cranes and other equipments that are used to operate the cargo containers have to be re-modified. The cranes have to be equipped to carry out the folding aspect completely and thoroughly. Though this requires huge investment, if done, can save a lot of money and space in future for shipping companies.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning Staxxon. One clarification. The Staxxon folding/nesting design does *not* require any new equipment or modifications to the cranes or other lifting/moving devices at marine terminals and storage depots. The folded/nested containers based on the Staxxon design maintain the exact dimensions of a standard dry container. The corner posts are at the exact same locations as a standard dry container when folded and nested.

    Tom Stitt
    corp. dev. director, Staxxon LLC

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