What is a Mid Ocean Ridge?

The mid-ocean ridge is an extensive underwater mountain range that is formed because of the constantly altering tectonic plates and the heat that is emitted from the core of the earth. The mid-ocean ridge is a phenomenon that is responsible for dividing the oceans and since the heat that is emitted from the earth is continuous, it results in these mid-ocean ridges being altered and created continuously at the same time.

A phenomenon that has occurred right from the start of evolution of the planet and its land and water forms, the mid-ocean ridge extends to nearly 40,000 miles along the bottom of the ocean floor across the seven continents of the world. As reiterated above, the formation of the mid-ocean ridge is a continuous process as the earth’s core emits hot magma that is responsible for these land forms to be created.

Mid Ocean Ridge

The hot magma that is let out from the core of the earth is also responsible for the continuous alteration in the mid-ocean ridges. That is, the entire procedure of emission of lava and magma to the creation of mid-ocean ridges is a diverging phenomenon. The new underwater land forms that are formed, instead of converging, digress and take new courses thus separating the bed of the oceans.

These tectonic plates causing the mid-ocean ridges are also the ones that are responsible for the entire landmass of the earth to spilt into various continents and be scattered across. It is a known fact that the continuously altering movement beneath the crust of the earth and the heat pouring out of it core is responsible, in the first place, for the creation and separation of the landmass. And since extensive research and analysis has been undertaken to study the complex process of formation of mid-ocean ridges, it has been proved that the uninterrupted process could further separate the now existing dimensions of the continents and countries.

This is a slow procedure, in simple terms, it is evolution and since the earth’s core is never going to be cooled, the procedure cannot be altered or stopped on a permanent basis. Prominent examples of such mid-ocean ridge formations are along Africa, the Red Sea, in the USA where mid-ocean ridges have started to alter and newer ones have begun to form on account of the excessive heat.

And while it is unknown whether these mid-ocean ridges are responsible for triggering a lot of unaccounted volcanoes which could result in a tsunami wave, it is a known fact that these mid-ocean ridges are a common feature about the water form of the earth. Over the years, it is quite possible that these mid-ocean ridges might be responsible for a lot of undersea and above the sea-surface calamities but for right now, everything seems to be alright.

Earth, so far has been the only planet where life used to and still exists. In the thousands of scores of years of earth’s evolution, right from the time when dinosaurs and other creatures used to roam the planet till now when humans are finding out ways and means to develop and enhance the quality of life, the planet has been helpful with its resources and offerings. And just like, evolution altered the course of the landform and caused the extinct of the dinosaurs, it is quite possible that in the years to come, evolution could and will alter the geography and topography of earth. Mid-ocean ridges are just one example of the earth’s evolution process.

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