What are Shore Excursions?

The word excursion means a picnic. In terms of shore excursions, the term means special picnics arranged by cruise companies as an extra package. Shore excursions are also known as cruise shore excursions.

A Shore excursion ensures that the attention and interest in a particular trip is maintained by the people throughout the course of the trip. This forms as the main feature of a shore excursion. A wide variety of tourist areas, distinct from the ports and harbours where the cruise liner halts is something any person would want to experience.

Another feature of such cruise shore excursions is that one does not have to make arrangements for sightseeing on one’s own. The cruise company takes care of all details. All that a person needs to do is pay the extra charges required to be deposited for such shore excursions. This gives a tourist the feasibility to depend on the cruise company to select the most relevant and necessary onshore tourist sites and then spend maximum quality time there.

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Cruise shore excursions are unique and depend on the route of the cruise ships. Each geographical location in the world is different and varied and it is not possible to see every new sightseeing place in the limited time provided. This is why cruise ships offer such shore excursion trips that highlight and elaborate places that are famous not just locally but are also desired to be seen internationally.

Wildlife parks, landmark locations and historical monuments are few of the places that a shore excursion trip can pinpoint. One of the famous cruise shore excursion trip is carried out by the cruise ship liner Carnival.

However, just as profitable and enjoyable shore excursions are, it has to be noted that certain times the concept can get tricky. There are certain tourist places which are quite difficult to explore and therefore a person has to be very careful and attentive while deciding to go on a particular shore excursion trip.


Equally important is the aspect of time management. Though cruise companies would schedule a shore excursion in such a way that time is effectively managed, certain times it could so happen that extra time may be involved due to some unforeseen problems. These problems could in-turn cause trouble for the time scheduling of the cruise ship and thereby delay the remaining course of the cruise.

Also since the payment for such shore excursions is charged separately, there is also the problem of shortage of finance for the tourist. Therefore keeping all the aspects in mind – both positive as well as negative – it can be said that a shore excursion needs to be planned properly not only by the cruise company but also by the tourists.

A shore excursion is a novel experience. Every person who experiences the thrill of a cruise also needs to experience the thrill of shore excursions. This will add to the person’s list of places visited and enjoyed completely and abundantly.



  1. it is also worth mentioning that when a cruise ship endorsed (and sold by the cruise ship) shore excursion is bought, the cruise ship will actually wait if an unforeseen issue presents itself where you, as a guest, are returned late for the cruise ship departure time, which is not the case if you book directly with the tour operators. This could make it totally worth it to pay the up-charge.

    Then again, most tour operators would have you back on time for your cruise ship.


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