10 Top Cruise Ships With Water Slides

Waterslides on cruise vessels have become an intrinsic part of a holiday at sea, offering exciting and memorable experiences to passengers of all ages. In the past few years, cruise lines have added many attractions to their ships, making them giant sailing cities with shopping areas, game zones, golf and race courses, operas, theatres, full-fledged water parks, and much more.

Water Parks on cruise ships provide a break from conventional activities by adding adventure and thrill to the cruising experience.

The colourful spiral slides that meander around the cruise ship’s deck in several shapes and sizes also give stunning ocean views through their translucent sections. Some slides have unique features, making them true engineering marvels.

However, when did the first slide on a cruise ship come up?

In the 1970s, when the cruise ship industry was still in its infancy, these vessels had a swimming pool, which was still considered a big thing at that time, given that cruise ships were relatively smaller.

However, by the 1980s, Carnival decided to add a single water slide to its 35,000 gross tonne Festivale, capable of accommodating at least 728 guests. This is often said to be the first water slide ever added to a cruise ship. This water slide was like the one found on backyard pools, but it made Carnival an early leader in incorporating water slides in cruise ships.

In 1990, Carnival Fantasy debuted and became the first cruise ship with a proper slide measuring 115 ft. Six years later, in 1996, Carnival made headlines when it unveiled a 214-foot long corkscrew waterslide on the Destiny, now called the Carnival Sunshine, which was at that time, the biggest cruise ship in the world

Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC Cruises and Royal Caribbean began adding waterslides on their ships in the past decade. Many new ships of these lines now have massive waterparks. Disney Cruise Line does have water parks however they are not as crazy since Disney focusses on a family experience, hence has many attractions for kids.

This article will take you through 10 top cruise ships with water slides. So make sure you add these cruise ships to your list to enjoy watery adventures on your next cruise vacation.

1. Perfect Storm Waterslide on Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas

Wonder of the Seas has more than one giant slide. Instead, it has a whole complex with 2 four-deck high slides, named Typhoon and Cyclone, part of the Perfect Storm. These two boldest waterslides at sea, placed side by side, allow one to have a water-slide race with your partner, friend or family member.

Perfect Storm Waterslide on Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas
Credits: royalcaribbean.com

The slides have some translucent sections offering beautiful sea views, too. The Perfect Storm is on three of the cruise line’s Oasis Class Ships apart from the Wonder of the Seas. It is found on Harmony of the Seas, Symphony of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas.

It is important to note that the Royal Carribean’s Navigator of the Seas also has a waterslide complex called the Perfect Storm, but it is entirely different from the one on Wonder of the Seas.

2. The Blaster On Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas

The Perfect Storm complex on Navigator of the Seas is different from the ones found on other ships of the cruise line.

It features the Blaster, the longest aqua coaster ever built on a cruise ship. At 800 ft, this feels like an endless stretch of the yellow-orange tube that curls around the back deck of the cruise ship.

The Blaster On Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas
Credits: royalcaribbean.com

It is one of the most famous attractions of the Navigator of the Seas. Blaster has a hydraulic system with 5 water jets propelling you and your partner up, down and forward on the ship. Sometimes, one flies over the ship’s side into the open water onboard.

Apart from the Blaster, there is also a headfirst mat racer slide, the Riptide, one of its kind ever built on a cruise ship.

Navigator of the Seas was upgraded in 2019 with €115 million. It was then that water slides, laser tags and an escape room were added to keep it up-to-date and desirable for passengers who love water slides.

3. WaterWorks On Carnival’s Mardi Gras

There is at least one waterslide on each cruise ship of Carnival, something other cruise lines cannot boast about. All Carnival cruises have a water park area, the WaterWorks. However, it differs in size and features from vessel to vessel.

This water park area onboard Mardi Gras comprises 3 massive spiralling water slides, a big dumping bucket that soaks everyone with a splash, twin racing slides and several interactive water features.

WaterWorks On Carnival’s Mardi Gras
Credits: Carnival

Blue Lightning is known for its high-speed turns and twists; meanwhile, Orange Thunder propels you into the water. The Twister slide is another famous slide among water enthusiasts.

The biggest water park areas or complexes onboard Carnival Cruise Ships are found on the newest additions, such as the Celebration, Carnival Venezia and the Mardi Gras. These ships have 3 waterslides, 1 more than most cruise ships of the line.

4. Aqua Park on Norwegian Encore

The largest ship in the fleet of Norwegian Cruise Line is the Norwegian Encore, 1094 ft long with a Gross Register Tonnage of 169,116.

This behemoth has 2 multistory water slides, the Aqua Racer, racing slides and the Ocean Loops Slide that stretches out to the ship’s side.

Aqua Park on Norwegian Encore
Credits: NCL

The Aqua Park has small water slides for kids too, along with a splash area with buckets that drench those who stand below them. One can also enjoy a water fight using the water cannons available at the park.

Norwegian Cruise Line added massive waterslides on its ships in 2010 with Norwegian Epic. It has 3 monster waterslides and an Epic Plunge, a 200-foot-long ride ending in a swirling bowl.

Epic Plunge is a part of Norwegian Epic’s Aqua Park, which was the first water park on a Norwegian cruise ship. Since then, the line has added Aqua Parks to 6 more new ships, including the biggest ship, Norwegian Encore.

Another ship, the Norwegian Breakaway, has twin free-fall water slides that drop you down many stories, 2 twisting racer slides, and a family slide with a modest drop.

5. AquaMouse on Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Wish

The newest ship of the Disney Cruise line is Disney Wish, which has a water coaster called the AquaMouse.

It is different from other ships of the line as riders can see animated shorts of Disney movies and Mickey Mouse clips as they ride up the ramp at the start of the ride.

AquaMouse on Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Wish
Credits: Disney Cruise

Riders experience show scenes, lighting, and special sound effects while having a fun-filled ride around and off the ship through the 760-foot twisting tubes.

The Disney Wish also has 10 pools apart from a Toy Story Splash Zone, with huge rubber toys and the Slide-a-saurus Rex family slide.

The family-focused Disney Cruise Line has one of the coolest water slides and attractions. Their ships have a water coaster called AquaDuck, similar to the Blaster on Royal Caribbean Ships.

The water ride is relatively gentle by the standards of water parks since it is designed for kids and their parents who can ride along.

Although the AquaDuck is shorter than the Balster at 765 ft, it is nothing less, given its location surrounding the main pool area on the Disney ships.

Apart from the AquaDuck, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy have small, kids-friendly waterslides close to the Mickey pool, called Mickey’s Slide.

These two ships also have a water play zone for toddlers called the Nemo’s Reef. Disney Fantasy also has a water zone with geysers, water jets and bubblers called AquaLab.

6. Aqua Park On the MSC Europa

MSC Cruises’ ships also boast water slides, and all the cruise ships unveiled by the cruise line after 2017 have a water park area, usually on the top deck, where all the watery fun begins.

MSC Europa’s Aqua Park has four criss-cross water slides above the deck, along with the use of virtual technology that makes the ride interesting and an interactive experience. There is also a dedicated pool for toddlers.

Aqua Park On the MSC Europa
Credits: MSC Cruise USA

MSC Seaside’s Aqua Park has 4 slides and a children’s play area. However, these waterslides are massive, two being 25-foot-long slides that stretch over the ship’s sides.

MSC Meraviglia has a winter-themed Polar Aqua Park and an Aquaplay area for the kids. About 14 of MSC Cruises’ 22 Ships have at least one waterslide on their top decks.

7. Twister Waterslide on Carnival Vista

Carnival Vista is said to be one of the most fun ships to be on, with many exciting things to do, attractions to visit and nightlife that doesn’t seem to end.

The highlight of Carnival Vista’s WaterWorks has to be the Twister Waterslide, which is the equivalent of hundreds of feet of spirals that start high and get you down with one of the fastest and wettest water rides ever designed on a cruise ship.

Twister Waterslide on Carnival Vista
Credits: MouseSteps / JWL Media / YouTube

Gallons of water rush through the slide so one is not dry, and by the time one reaches the end of the twists and turns, there is another big splash awaiting you. The ride is open to all; however, height and weight restrictions are applicable.

Then comes the DrainPipe, which ends with a major swirl while the PowerDrencher soaks you completely from above.

8. Supercell on Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas welcomes over 4,000 guests on its 16 decks packed with full-on entertainment, delicious dining options and so on. The ship has 7 differently themed neighbourhoods, like the revolutionary Boardwalk and Central Park space.

Harmony of the Seas sails in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, making it perfect for family holidays, couple trips and even a solo adventure.

Supercell on Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas
Credits: Royal Caribbean

This action-packed cruise ship is particularly famous for its impressive waterslides. Young guests can enjoy Splashaway Bay, while adults can check out some really exhilarating waterslides.

The twin slides, Typhoon and Cyclone, are fun to race on with your partner. They have stretches of a see-through tunnel, making it even more fun.
Another slide is called the Supercell, which has several loops, turns and twists. This ride is surely not for the faint of heart.

9. Dr Seuss WaterWorks On Carnival Horizon

Carnival Horizon is the 26th ship of the Carnival Fleet and the 2nd cruise ship of the line’s Vista Class. She has a 133,596 gross tonnage that can accommodate almost 4000 passengers and 1450 crew members.

This bold and beautiful ship is loaded with fun activities, perfect for families since it has a lot of kids clubs and dining places with reduced prices for children under 12.

Dr Seuss WaterWorks On Carnival Horizon
Credits: Carnival Corporation & PLC

The cruise does not disappoint adults since it has the 2-screen Carnival Multiplex that combines one theatre with IMAX action and the other with stunning 3D visuals.

Not to forget that the ship has a Dr Seuss WaterWorks, for all those who love the waterpark fun. There is the Twister Waterslide, racing slides, the DrainPipe and the ultimate PowerDrencher.

The ship also has a SkyRide, the Punchliner Comedy Club and Playlist Productions, two of the top onboard entertainment options.

10. AquaDunk On Disney Magic

Disney Magic, like all other Disney cruise ships is known for its fun disney rides. It has the Twist ‘n’ Spout and the Aquadunk. The former is a relaxing, and a children-friendly waterslide, the latter is a thrilling ride extending over the ship’s side.

The AquaDunk begins with a steep drop before it goes into a clear tube shooting out of the ship. This ride was added to the Disney Magic when it was being renovated in 2013, making it the only ship with an AquaDunk.

AquaDunk On Disney Magic
Credits: Disney Cruise

While one climbs the stairs to the top, there are storyboards about how the AquaDunk came into being. It was Donald’s nephews Louie, Dewey and Huey who created its design.

Then Donald tested many prototypes before finally selecting the current design the guests experience on the Disney Dream.

The AquaDunk is positioned on Deck 13 and after you climb to the top, you enter a clear capsule where you stand with arms crossed and count to the point when the bottom platform opens, dropping you into the slide. The ride is 212 feet or 3 stories.

It is a single rider waterslide with no tube or float to ride in. Guests must be 48 inches to experience this slide.

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