Who is a Cargo Engineer?

You are reading this article which means you are interested inmaritime career. Having gotten that fact straight, it’s time to come to the point. Of all the marine engineering employment options, cargo ship jobs are one that could grasp your interest.

A cargo engineer is one of the most important people when it comes to handling cargo on vessels.

Since marine industry plays a major role in transportation of goods, a cargo engineer career could be a very favorable choice of occupation, especially so if you have a liking for handling tough condition jobs.

What to expect from a cargo career?

Cargo ship jobs require strength- as much physical as mental. The work to be handled as a cargo engineer would require your close attention to all aspect of cargo shipping. In a cargo career, you would be expected to look into:

  • Supervising cargo loading, discharging and conditioning of cargo
  • Maintenance of cargo compressor room
  • Supervision of maintenance team
  • Preparation and execution of work plan
  • Technical supervision and maintenance of cargo handling equipment including compressors, cargo pumps, I.G. Generator plant, free gas blowers
  • Safety testing
  • Maintenance of cargo safety by maintaining proper safety guidelines
  • Training of new crew and staff
  • Checking loading and unloading cargo before being finally dispatched
  • Report preparation and checking legal regulations ( not necessarily part of duties in all companies)

While most of these responsibilities would solely lie with the cargo engineer, the ranks within a company can define the entire nature of the work you’d be required to do. Many times beginners start with having to assist chief officer/engineer in everything from cargo management to report writings.

Do I have what it takes to be a cargo engineer?

A love for the sea would be the first quality that you should look for before considering marine engineering employment. As for any other maritime career, you would require to work close or on water for several days to weeks together. Even though a cargo engineer’s job is more onshore job, you should have the capacity to stay out on sea for several days together too. Besides this primary requirement, you should have

  • A Bachelor’s of Engineering degree, from any recognized institution
  •   Four to six years experience
  •  Certificate of competence in Marine Engineering
  •  Knowledge and understanding of legal restrictions for cargo industry
  • Training in marine safety procedures
  • Knowledge about mechanical and technical aspects of equipments
  • Handling heavy and light machinery
  • Light lathe machine handling
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Leadership qualities
  • Practical knowledge in handling engineering problems
  • Financial skills ( preferable but not compulsory)

Employers may look for licensing and authorization proofs from internationally recognized organizations. Besides these, computer and linguistic skills would be a welcome quality too. Buta cargo career mainly requires you to possess a lot of technical expertise and hands on training in handling complex imminent situations.

What to expect in return?

As a cargo engineer, you would need a minimum of six to eight years of experience before being appointed as a chief engineer or senior official. Below that level of experience, you can expect a payback of around $61,000 per year plus additional benefits. As a senior or chief engineer, you could earn a salary of around $92,000 per year. However, the salary rates are not standard and subject to change depending on personal skill and job description.

While being a cargo engineer satisfies your desire formarine career, it is an exciting option for those who have a flair for technical aspects of things. All you need to do is prepare yourself for a little toil and you are all set.


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  1. Hi,i’m oiler and now a days i’m working on LNG SHIP,i’want to know about GAS ENGINEER training,what is requirment foe an oiler to do this training and where is training center.

  2. Hello everyone
    I have sailed on lpg tanker as a junior engineer. I want to know that how to become a gas engineer on board and what all requirements like COC And some other certifications?
    Kindly guide me
    Thank you

  3. Hello sir
    I Am Meet panchal I am in ssc now and I have lot of craze about cargo engineer so I want be cargo engineer so for that what Higher education is required please suggest me

  4. Good day
    I am AB and have 14 years experience on LPG ships nd work with gas engineer ,I have good knowledge about LPG and compressor.
    Kindly tell me how I get gas engineer certificate.
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