What is the Difference Between Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture?

Naval architecture and ocean engineering form two very important types of marine courses. However even as the area of proficiency offered by the courses involves the maritime domain, the actual subject components are quite different. At their fundamental grass root level, while both subjects are engineering courses, their practical applicability is completely dissimilar.

About Naval Architecture

Naval architecture is all about the planning, construction and designing aspect of all marine and sea going vessels. Since vessels need to be operable on water, the individuals engaged in the profession need to come up with accurate architectural and design plans which will serve this purpose. Right from core areas like the vessel’s size to the density of its hull and usage of materials that will bring out the efficiency of the vessel, each and every minute areas of a vessel’s construction is the responsibility of naval architects.


Naval architecture is a vast field within the marine industry and involves several great opportunities for those interested.

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About Ocean Engineering

Ocean engineering refers to the engineering activities that are required to be carried out and are carried out in the oceanic waters for a number of commercial reasons. This includes construction of platforms for drilling operations and other technological implants, various support structures required for the smooth functioning of oceanic activities, and even hi-tech buoying and energy generation systems. Alongside construction, ocean engineers (people who have leaned ocean engineering) are also involved in the engineering aspect of devices and equipment required in necessary oceanic studies and researching activities.

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More Differences between Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture

– An ocean engineering professional would require to carried out his or her duties in the deep sea areas most of the time, whereas a  naval architecture wouldn’t necessary require professionals to venture in the open sea areas

– While oceanic engineering can be regarded as a by-product of developments in the maritime domain, naval construction and designing has been present since the ancient ages of the maritime sector

 In terms of colleges and universities offering engineering courses in the two subjects, there are many reputed institutes which offer excellent syllabi for the streams. Both undergraduate and post-graduate programs are available and interested candidates can take the field up without having to compromise on their interests.


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  1. Dear Mohit Kaushik,

    Hi, I’ve a passion about Marine and Naval Profession. And I do like to enter them. I want to enter ship design and construction Conceptual industry and Also want to spend some time in Deep sea shipping like jobs in later career. But I’m extremely confused with Three of The fields of this Maritime Industry. Those are Maritime Engineering Or Maritime Techonology, Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture. I’m confused with these three disciplines and don’t know rightnow which one to choose out of them which will be probably best choice for me. Can you please help me in clarifying this? Please if you can, send me email reply as comments or replies at this site might not be possible to see again incase of inaccessibility or some reason other.


  2. Too, I would like to receive the same information about the differences between the ‘marine engineering’ fields as described in the previous post.
    Can you advise which are some of the better schools for study?

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