The Respected And Challenging Career of a Navy Nurse

When it comes to jobs in the navy, even the profession of a navy medical nurse can be regarded as an extremely noble and respected one. As important as the navy personnel are to any nation, equally important are navy nurses who spend a quality time trying to help not only the injured navy task force but also, civilians who are acutely injured and in need of dire medical help during emergency situations.

The Hippocratic Oath forms the very foundation of people who have a career in medicine. And when it comes to jobs in the navy, especially the job of a navy medical or a navy nurse, this Hippocratic Oath is supported by the innate quality of the navy personnel to help the needy as and when possible.

When one thinks about a navy nurse, it becomes easy to associate the term with “The Lady with the Lamp” or as she is very popularly known – Florence Nightingale. Navy nurses are modern-day Florence Nightingales and as such demand not just respect but also admiration and appreciation from the society.

Career of a Navy Nurse
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But as much interesting and alluring as the profession is, it has to be noted that the profession is not an easy hurdle to cross. There are not only educational requirements which are necessary and pertinent to the profession but also other mental and physical requirements as well.

In order to become a navy nurse, one needs to be a graduate along with having a certificate that grants the person the license to practice the nursing profession. This is important because if there is no proper licensing involved, there could be cheating which could lead to a patient losing his or her life in case the non-eligible nurse commits an error. Also, it has to be noted that graduation is the basic level of qualification required for a person who wishes to be a part of the navy medical as a navy nurse.

Another very important thing when it comes to the eligibility criteria of a navy nurse is the age-limit factor. The candidate applying for a position of a navy nurse cannot be over 40 years nor can the candidate be below 21 years, thus making the entrance scope very limited. This again is very advantageous because the profession of a navy nurse requires that one be on one’s toes at all times considering that there could be an emergency at any point of time. In times of such exigent situations, if the navy medical in the form of a navy nurse is younger, i.e. within the above prescribed limits, then it would be beneficial as the young personnel can guide and take a look in the medical matters appropriately.

One more important requirement and a mandatory one at that, is the fact that a navy nurse should be physically fit and be able to endure the extremely strenuous situations that could occur at any point of time, especially, without any warning. A navy medical and a navy nurse cannot afford to be weak-hearted because at such times, the situations could be extremely deplorable and it would require not just the medical support of the navy nurse but also one’s emotional support as well. Therefore, a navy nurse has to be stoic and strong at all times, helping by just not being there physically but also mentally and emotionally as well.

Choosing jobs in the navy is a difficult task indeed and when it comes to the profession of a navy nurse as a part of the navy medical, the difficulty level increases by a few more notches. And since saving lives is an exalted occupation, it is worthwhile to recommend the profession of a navy nurse to people, who want to contribute substantially, by being a part of the life-savers.

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