The Not-So-Famous Marine Jobs: Tool Pusher

Oil drilling from the oceans is a very interesting subject to read and to learn about. Professionals who work on oil rigs live an interesting, adventurous, and arduous life. However, it has to be noted that there are some people who work in the oil drilling industry whose work is not as famous and recognized as it should be. One such profession is that of the toolpusher.

A toolpusher is a person who is in-charge of maintaining a continuous supply of necessary equipment on an oil rig. His responsibility and scope also reaches to the point of properly ensuring that all offshore workers on an oil rig work as they are required to work. In simple terms, a toolpusher is a monitor or a supervisor who oversees whether the drilling job is being carried out as per the set rules and regulations.

Marine Jobs
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But just as a tool pusher is a supervisor for offshore jobs and workers, it has to be understood that he is not the main supervisor. There are many people to whom he has to report periodically about the way the offshore drilling process is being executed. To explain this in more simple terms, it can be said that in a chain of offshore workers, the toolpusher is the middleman between the workers and the superiors. One such higher authority to whom a tool pusher has to report is the Offshore Installation Master.


This is mainly the reason as to why a tool pusher’s job is not that famous. Since he only acts as an organiser or a co-ordinator, his role is such that he remains only in the background. But even while a toolpusher remains in the background, it’s because of his presence that the offshore workers carry out their duties even more adeptly.

In order to become a tool pusher one needs to have a basic high school certificate. In today’s times however, even individuals with management degrees are allowed to be tool pushers. The basic job entry level for a tool pusher is that of a roustabout. In certain areas, an entry level tool pusher is also known as a roughneck. Only when one gains more experience working as a roughneck can one hope to become the highest level tool pusher in an oil drilling job.


The more experience one gets the more adept and proficient he gets to become a tool pusher.
The profession of a tool pusher is not one of the most sought after positions, mainly because of less growth in the offshore industry. However, toolpusher does play a vital role in the overall drilling process on the oil rig.



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