How to Make Your Maritime Jobs Search Simple and Efficient?

Searching for jobs is never the easiest thing to do. There is a lot to look at, the underlying nervousness is almost tangible and the fear of rejection is immense. No matter how many times you have done it before, job search always comes with mixed feelings.

If you are a maritime professional, looking for marine jobs is somewhat similar and somewhat different than this. Similar because at end of the day, it is job search but maritime careers are different than many career options. So if you have an intention to find marine jobs, here is a list of things that will be of some help.

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1.  Start with What You are Looking For : Know it Well

If you are new to the marine industry then maritime job search will be much wider for you. So the first thing about getting your maritime job search in order is to know what you are looking for exactly. Though the kind of job you are going to seek depends mainly on your education, maritime careers offer a variety of choices like personnel and administration, navigation, traffic management and training, engineering, construction and equipment etc.

This is the key step to keeping your job search simple as this will mean you won’t have to look in a number of places. This way, you can direct your efforts solely in your area of interest, preventing any chaos.

2. Look in the Right Places: Do Smart Search

Once you have figured out what you want to look for, you need to work out where you want to look for it. Do not get caught up in more places than you can handle. That’s exactly the kind of confusion you need to avoid. Since most of the jobs are filled internally or through reference, you could start with your acquaintances who may know of a job of your choice. Or get in touch with specific companies you are interested in working with through letters, emails or over the phone.

In the meantime, you can take help of maritime websites that regularly post openings for jobs. There are websites dedicated exclusively to maritime job search. These maritime websites can cover a wide spectrum of marine jobs, making it possible for you to find what you are looking for. You can look according to the area you want to work in or the field of specialization, on the kind of vessel like boats or ships or yachts etc.

3. Handling Job Applications Better : If Needed Get Professional Help 

To find marine jobs can be a real mess when you are lost in the frenzy of applications. You get in touch with so many people, via so many different modes that you completely lose a tab of who is from where. You have a friend looking in for a job opening while you are forwarding your resume to companies directly, not to mention the regular email updates from various maritime websites. End result- total mayhem.

Start with one place and move to another. For finding the most suitable maritime jobs, it is very important to get in touch with right people and at right time.  So keep a tab of whom you are in contact with. For online maritime job search, it is best to have email notifications or RSS subscription that will allow you easy access to all your job hunts, all in one place.

4. Get your Stuff in Order

There are basic things needed for every new job. You need your CV, reference letters, cover letters, past experience letters etc. Getting this stuff in one place can take a lot of load off your head, clearing space for thinking more freely. You can keep multiple copies of your CVs and cover letters to send to companies directly along with copies of other supplementary documents, along with keeping a record of which company you have already mailed your documents to and any additional documents that they may need.

This makes the whole process of job searching lot simpler as you’d know what is exactly needed of you and what do you have to do about it.

5. Present Yourself Well

Presenting yourself well in person, on paper and on internet is very important. You need to highlight your strengths so that anyone looking for someone with similar work profile as yours will be able to spot you easily. So make sure your CV is up dates and highlights main points like

–          Academic achievements

–          Work experiences

–          Areas of interest

–          Accomplishments

–          Strengths

However, you don’t need to go over the top to do that. A video resume or a paper CV that seems too made up is something that a recruiter loses interest in quite quickly. Keep it simple and natural. This makes the selection process for recruiters simple, helps you stand out from others and cuts short your job hunting time.

6.  Don’t Stress Yourself : Don’t Overdo

Finally the most important thing to keep your maritime job search simple and efficient is to keep your head cool. Fine, two days, three companies and fifty emails later you still feel nothing is working out. Relax. Give it another day. Every rejection means you are a step closer to finding the exact thing you are supposed to be in, so do no panic if you don’t get prompt results because most often, people can make mistakes in a state of panic making it all complicated.


Keep your cool and the right job will find you most definitely. All you need to do is to keep looking without giving up.

Maritime jobs offer something for everybody. No matter what field you belong to or what you are looking for, if you can keep it simple enough you are more than likely to find it soon enough.

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