How To Identify Fake Or Fraudulent Shipping Agents And Institutes?

Disclaimer: This article is not an effort to tarnish image or reputation of any shipping company/ agent or of the shipping industry as a whole. It only attempts to educate and inform the people in the industry or those who are planning to enter the same. We have been receiving a lot of emails lately regarding such fraudulent cases in the industry and we think creating awareness about the subject is the best way to address the problem. Thank you all for your support and faith in Marine Insight. 

Approximately about a decade back, the shipping industry saw a major boom which lead to the rise in demand of seafarers around the world, resulting in sudden shortage of maritime officers and ratings.

Back then, the maritime industry was way more isolated from common landlubbers than it is now. Many institute and shipping companies saw this major demand and supply gap which resulted in rise of Maritime Institutes and Shipping Agents which helped candidates to embark on sailing careers by providing them the required training.

Whenever there is rise in opportunities, a few unethical entities always take advantage of the situation and this is exactly what has happened in the last 5-8 years. A number of frauds have occurred to seafarers and they continue to do so by certain manning agents and maritime institutes.

Students who are keenly interested having a seafaring career are afraid of these fraudulent activities thriving in the shipping industry and its proof can be seen from hundreds of comments posted in this one article and on several platforms online-

Why Fake Agents And Companies Thrive in the Maritime Industry?

Unfortunately, shipping authorities are yet to take a solid step against these culprits; which has already resulted in hundreds of candidates getting scammed and losing their precious time and money.

Considering the high number of emails we were receiving regarding such fraudulent shipping agents and activities, we decided to enumerate a few points which will help students and maritime professionals to be smart enough to differentiate between genuine and fake shipping agents/institutes.

job scam victim

For Maritime Institutes:

1 Check all the approvals obtained by the institute and provided by the particular country’s shipping authority. For e.g. in India, the maritime training institutes and courses providers must be approved by DG shipping and IMU (Check on their website). AICTE approval of the institute is also very important in case the candidate wants to apply for higher management studies in India.

Check – List of  Institutes Approved By DG Shipping India

2. Maritime institutes which provides courses approved by foreign authority needs to be screened properly. For e.g. there are many institutes in India, which are accredited by UK maritime authority and colleges to provide the required degree and seaman documents to seafarers. Before taking admission in any of such institute, do confirm the minimum approval requirements and crosscheck them with the approval/ accrediting body by sending a query mail or contacting their office through phone.

3. Check the shipping authority eligibility requirement (physical, medical and technical) and compare it with the institution. If the institution is only functioning for minting money and not serious about placements of students, their selection criteria will be lenient than the one provided by the maritime authority.

4. Check the management and founder members/ core institute of the college or academy. If the Founder/ Management level of college or institute has member/s with a doubtful reputation, the intention of the institution cannot be trusted.

5. If you are interested in any institute and keen to take admission, the best way of getting genuine feedback is to go to that institute for fundamental background check and talk to the current students. You will get a clear picture of the placement records and worth of the institute.

6. Avoid taking admission in those institute which are new/ doubtful and do not provide any clear approval documentation. If you encounter any of such fake institutes, do report it to the shipping authorities to help other students from falling prey to such fraud activity.

For Shipping Agents:

1 The other side of the coin (maritime institute) in the ship industry are the ship manning companies and agents. To legalize and streamline this sector, the shipping authority approve such companies and agent. For e.g. in India, a ship manning company has to be RPSL approved (i.e. they have Recruitment, Placement Services License). Still many cases have been registered against fraud agents and agencies that have taken money from job seekers for providing ship based training and have disappeared in thin air.

2. If you are in contact with an agent for ship based job, ensure he has a genuine RPS license. Cross check the approval in shipping authority websites.

3. To safeguard his/her fraud identity, agents may say the agency approval is under renewal. Never believe it and even if you feel the agency is genuine, wait for the authority to renew the license. The DG shipping in India never take more than 3 to 4 working days for renewal of RPS license.

Check – List of Agencies With RPS Licenses

4. A genuine agency or agent will never communicate the official matter through personal emails and if they are professional enough, they will have a proper official email id and a fully-functional company website. For e.g. can be considered well above

5. However, having a company website, a letterhead and official email id is not a guarantee of genuine agency. An advance cheater can get all these genuine looking setup for a handful of money to lure more candidates. The best available way to differentiate is to crosscheck the RPS license. (Disclaimer: It is very difficult to gauge the motive of even an approved RPSL agency or agent which may cheat candidates for sake of easy money. As per Maritime Labour Convention Act, and mentioned by DG shipping, a candidate cannot be charged for onboard training from a company or agency).

6. It is worth noting that under the recently enforced Maritime Labour Convention 2006, crewmen are not meant to be charged a placement fee by Manning Agents. A fraud agent will demand money against the payment of a fee, variously called “Administration”, “Facilitation” or “Service” fees, or other such designations. Never ever pay such money.

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7. With lack of jobs for entry level candidates, the students are desperate and are still willing to pay manning agents to get placed onboard for training. In such cases, never pay money in advance and understand what kind of company and ship you are going for. Take a written statement from the agency about the money involved and the kind of job they are going to provide. It is very important to understand what kind of service charges the agent/agency is taking from you. They may tell the candidate that all the money will be used for flight tickets, visas and work permit etc. (which technically will be paid by the company who is hiring you for the job), hence check for the type of ship you are getting on (coastal, offshore, foreign going etc.) and type of visa they acquire (tourist or work visa with duration of stay etc.). This will help in understanding the intentions of the agent and save you from the troubles you will face abroad in case the agent sends you to some other country to join a ship

8. As mentioned earlier, due to lack of openings for freshers, fraud agencies are taking advantage of the situation. These fraud agent/ agency try not to cheat one but several people. Try to get as much information as possible through social media and search engines. If you sense any doubt, go to the local police station (if the agent is from the same area as you are) or try to establish contact with police station where the agent is located to find out any previous complaint regarding the same.

9. Do not fall in trap against the claim that the agency will give in writing for providing 100% job placement when student approach them for maritime education and payment. The written statement from the company can be – Provide 100% placement to the candidate without mentioning the time frame or even the time frame is mentioned; they will also not be sure about which type of ship or company you will be placed. As mentioned in above point under Maritime Labour Convention Act, a candidate cannot be charged for onboard training from a company or agency hence idea of paying an agency/agent is itself wrong.

The shipping sector has been in the grip of these scams due to lack of job availability, which in-turn has been the result of hundreds of institutes made open producing thousands of fresh seafarer every year. There is no sign of recovery of the current situation and fraudulent agents/ agency are taking advantage of candidates who are trapped in this vicious circle. Only a detailed research and reporting of all such frauds can help to irradiate the problem from the roots.

Over to you..

Do you know any way to identify such fraudulent activities? Let’s know in the comments below.

Do you have info to share with us ? Suggest a correction

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  1. Sir it’s been helpful is there any way to report officially , because most of them have RPSL OF THEIR OWN.

  2. Well, was cheated by an rpsl agent Mediterranean navigation rpsl 283. Had trusted on the basis of rpsl. He took advance of 1.35l for posting onboard. Was also given flights tickets twice which were cancelled before 2days of deprture. Wasted time & money. Had complained in police station but no responce & no further procedures ( the manning of Mediterranean navigation was done by adityaprakash ramkesar shukla & irfan parker.. Office boy named bhola). They have all disappeared with the office locked in govandi.

  3. I have got an offer letter from an agency called ALPHA9MARINE services. I dont know anything of this service based company. They have demanded an amount of INR30000/- as a medical test. After having passed the test they have asked us to pay INR 6,00,000/- which include the pre-sea training cost and also a job guarantee. Please do help me. You can also mail me with your valuable guidance. Thank you.Mail-

  4. there is manning company in Ethiopia which gives cadet pre-sea training and, also responsible for placement after training for 6 months.The gov’t fulfills accommodation,cafe,teaching materials.The manning agency only hiring teachers from India.The agency forces to sign $31,000 which is to be cut from Wages after ship placement!Cadet usually waiting about up to 2 years due to lack of placement!

  5. Nikhil dont go for it. Go through proper channel. There are sponsorship exams from different companies. Dont give money to any agent.

  6. Hy Sir My Name Is Sajid Ali
    I want to need Your some help about a shipping company . because my parcel is in this company . company site is here

    please tell me this company is real or scammer pls help me and give me information about this company .
    my email is here.
    Email Address :
    Whatsapp : +923088891785

    pls sir whatsapp me or email me thanks

  7. Good afternoon ,someone claims to have send me a parcel using a company called QUICK EXPRESS CARGO ,now they are claiming i have to send some money for the parcel to be cleared to my address.
    My question is kindly check for me this : TRACKING NUMBER 22801850
    and the ORDER NUMBER IS: ZXS/WFD/2017 is it there. Kindly send me an email

  8. Hi..i lost money of 3 lakhs. One of the man Raghav from mumbai bhayander east his company name sai marine and shiv kumar from bokaro Steel City jharkhand ( company name (Global maritech) mob no – 9934351131. Be aware guys

  9. The website looks dicey as there are no contact numbers for any offices. Please take caution while having further communication with them.
    For what purpose the registration fees is for? As per DG shipping, no such practice should be undertaken by them.

  10. Sir , i have got an offer letter from a shipping company from usa and the tlod me to contact Us consul and make paymet of visa and after they will send me ticket .is this work or i can contac a consul directly is that possible

  11. Ankur Sharma and Suman Lata Sharma running a fraud Seaman’s training and documentation website. Their CURRENT ACCOUNT NO. of ICICI BANK IS Current account no : 628605013373. Their company CENTRE FOR MARINE EDUCATION TRAINING AND RESEARCH PRIVATE LIMITED with CIN NO: U93000UP2013PTC056194. They also have a second Fraud Website and Academy under the name of DELHI ACADEMY OF MERCHANT NAVY. Also on further searching came across another Fraud MARINE ACADEMY named CHETAN MARINE academy of merchant navy located in Madhya Pradesh. The scammers have uploaded same PICTURES which are of Delhi academy. How come same people same building appear in U.P as well as M.P. These Academy are not D.G shipping of India approved even though they Unlawfully advertise it on their webpages.
    These people are taking Rs.12, 000 TO Rs. 20, 000 as charges to apply for DIFFERENT FLAG STATE SEAMAN BOOK. But after receiving the money in their Current account no : 628605013373 they switch of their mobile numbers or don’t attend their clients calls. They are also furnishing fraud STCW 2010 certificates. They have not been authorised by D.G Shipping of INDIA.Their company with all the faculty members and the directors Ankur Sharma and Suman Lata Sharma should be reported to the C.B.I. They have cheated many innocent seaman of their hard earned money and their precious time which they get to be onshore.

  12. TMC SHIPPING PRIVATE LIMITED in Panchkula,Chandigarh is Good or Fake’s having their RPSL number
    RPSL MUM 423 and it’s mentioning it’s DG APPROVED .Please Let me Know and please reply me.

  13. Sir plz help me screenshot I’m upendra sahani from up and I did join I’ma Chennai but my agent given a sponsorship AN LINE SHIPPING PVT LTD and RPSL NO IS MUM 424 I humbly request all of you check this RPSL no dgs approved plz sir

  14. I have got an offer letter from an agency called ALPHA9MARINE services. I dont know anything of this service based company. They have demanded an amount of INR30000/- as a medical test. After having passed the test they have asked us to pay INR 6,00,000/- which include the pre-sea training cost and also a job guarantee. Please do help me. You can also mail me with your valuable guidance. Thank you. mail-

  15. My institute is only approved with AICTE for marine engineering course from chandigarh named, gurukul vidyapeeth .
    What can I do for my future placement and for job.
    Is there any issue if I study in this collg only approved with AICTE for marine engineering courses.

  16. More important- It has to be DG shipping Approved else you won’t be getting a job as it will not be recognized by shipping companies.

  17. Hi Sir,

    Please help me is the coampny of seacor Marine Service is a genune or not because my brother have a offier letter to join merchant navy.. I want the genune infromation about it.. do reply me.. thank you or email me or

  18. Can someone pls guide me regarding this. I visited this academy in Delhi called Delhi maritime academy for admission in GME.They have asked for a sum of rupees 3.5lakhs. Pls can someone tell me whether this academy is fraud or not. What they said is they are an admission center and they have tie ups with 5-6 institutes and will give 1yr training in reputed institutes like ims Goa
    Pls let me know someone


  20. Can someone help me to know that RPSL company can recruite from emgineering colleges as they have Recruitment and placement service license. Is okay if they are charging fees for placement and giving us the sponsorship for same.

    Company came few days back to our college having RPSL and saying they can take responsibility of our placement and education. they are charging 600000 for placement in their ship.

    Please help sir

  21. sir ,
    few days back a company called WESTLINE SHIPPING PVT. LTD ( RPSL-MUM-381)came to my college for campus recruitment and they have selected 30 students of which 20 havent attended interview, they said that after medical test they ll call us to come to ahmedabad where we will be paying 30,000 INR for the purpose of seat registration in MARITIME INSTITUTE and the total fees for training of duration 16 months is 6,00,000 INR .
    suggest me what should i do

  22. @Kishor,

    We always recommend to approach the institute directly and not via a third party. If they are promising jobs, please take that in writing which should include the type of ship (they should not put you in tug or supply vessel) and the minimum time period after passing out you would be placed.

  23. Here’s an example of a fake and fraudulent company with a website: Marble Logistics LLC

    The website is replete with spelling and grammatical errors. There are no contact phone numbers. Chat function produces no human contact…only times out to ‘please leave a message’.

    I’ve checked for this company registration as an LLC and can find nothing.

    MarbleLogistics is a scam and a fraud.

  24. I am presently working as Armed Guard Team Leader for a UK based company on contract for 6 months. The contract is signed with an Indian pvt ltd maritime agency and the salary is paid by the agency. The agency is not having RPSL. So he depends one agency in Mumbai. My agent is dedecting 50$ per month as RPSL Fee from my salary. When I asked him he told he has to pay100$ to the agent in Mumbai,50$ the agency is paying and 50$ from the individual. But in the contract this dedection is not mentioned. Is the agent cheating me? PLEASE ADVICE.

  25. Hello sir/madam

    I would like to know about Delma Mariners and shipping Pvt Ltd.
    It’s in Bhayandar East, mumbai

  26. Searise marine service pvt ltd….Odisha bhuvaneshvar.achrya vihar madhusudan nagar…Is it fake institute or not..Plz tell me..this company offered me for engine cadet course… Should I go??

  27. Searise marine service pvt ltd,bhuvaneshwar odisha.this company offered me for course of engine cadet.should I go or not please tell me and help me…thankyou

  28. So recently got a offer letter from Xline marine offshore for a job posting at Singapore for a shipyard industry(name not mentioned)…But i have to give some 40k for medical test and whatnot and would be notified later…Sounds fishy to me……Anish ji can u look at their site and tell me if they are authentic or not….Thank U

  29. Hi,
    I receive a job process letter & an interview letter from Xlines marine and offshore pvt ltd. (ISO-9001:2015-DI-17121105 / TM*REGD NO-3715573 l CIN NO -U74999MH2018OPC304707). Below the job procedure is submitted.

    Dear Candidate,

    Greetings for the day!

    We are pleased to inform you that we have the job opening for Jack
    Up Rigs In Field Industry. If you wish to apply for the job opening in
    field give me your confirmation for schedule your interview or you
    can call for more details

    Kindly carry the photocopy of your Id proof and Address proof,

    01 set of latest update resume and 04 passport size photo’s.
    Note :- Only valid Indian passport holder candidate can apply for

    During the interview if you are shortlisted for your position, then
    you will have to submit your medical fitness test report through our
    panel doctor, where the medical fees are borne by you i.e. 4000/-
    (Medical Fees Will Reimbursed at your First Salary)

    Note :- If you found unfit in medical test, then the future process
    will get delay.

    After having your medical fitness certificate and getting
    shortlisted for position you are required to do further procedure. The Procedure
    consisted 3 steps-

    1. Documentation Process- In the 1st stage you are required to
    your original passport along with the photocopy of all required
    documents. In this stage you have to submit Rs.30000/- via cheque or
    NEFT. Cash Transaction is strictly prohibited.

    2. Work Contract – In the 2nd stage when your work contract will
    come at that time you have to submit Rs.60000/- via cheque or NEFT. Cash
    transaction is strictly prohibited.

    3. Final Stage – When your work visa along with all other required
    documents including the 1 way Air-Ticket for the first journey will
    come and all the procedure is done with the your hiring company, you
    required to pay the balance amount of Rs. 30000/- Via cheque or NEFT.
    CasH transaction is strictly prohibited.

    All the things related to payment and passport submission, we will
    give you written consideration on our Letter-Head. All the procedure will
    complete within 75 working days and it will also mention in the
    Letter-Head of the company.

    Is this company reliable or fake.

    I am keenly waiting for your answer.

  30. @Atanu: SCAM ALERT. Avoid all those companies who ask for money for employment (It is illegal as per DG shipping rules).

  31. SCAM. It is illegal as per DG shipping rules to ask for money for providing employment on board ship.

  32. I have got an offer letter from an agency called XLINE MARINE AND OFFSHORE PVT. They have demanded an amount of INR30000/- after that INR 60,000 and finally after getting visa INR 30000 total INR 1.2 L ….They don’t have RPSL NUMBER but XLINES MARINE AND OFFSHORE PVT LTD is registered by GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, MINISTRY OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS under Sec7(2) Comapanies Act, 2013. Company obtained Corporate Identity Number (i.e. CIN) is U74999MH2018OPC304707 and Ref. DIN is 0008045559. The Company has obtained ISO 9001:2015 Certification from MINISTRY OF DUBAI with duly REGD NO. DI-17121105, Trademark REGD NO- 3715573, PAN NO- AACX2480N accompanying with registration of GST, Shop and Establishment Act etc. Please do help me. You can also mail me with your valuable guidance. Thank you. mail-

  33. SCAM ALERT. Avoid such companies which demand upfront charges. RPSL is a must to trust a manning company in India. The website you mentioned looks shady too.

  34. Hi my name is Imtisungba Longkumer and i am from northeast region of India. As i have no clue about merchant navy procedure i applied through some agencies from my area, which is linked to an agent in Mumbai. I did my basic 15 days course and they are asking money worth 2.00 lacs. for placement that ll be sent to Dubai. And so iam doubtful and confused of what i should do. Also i have spent 1.2 lacs already for the course trainning. Reply me please for solution.
    Thanking you

  35. Dear sir will you please give reviews on offshore shipping academy Agra ? Is it okay to train there?

  36. @Varinder: I am not sure if they are DG shipping approved or not, but they do have few negative reviews online.
    My personal advise- Avoid and move on.

  37. Dear Sir,

    Greetings for the day !
    Kindly carry the photocopy of your Id proof and Address proof, passport, 01 set of latest update resume and 05 passport size photo’s.
    Note: – Only valid Indian passport holder candidate can apply for this position.

    During the interview if you are shortlisted for your position, then you will have to submit your medical fitness test report through our panel doctor, where the medical fees are borne by you i.e. 4000/-(Medical Fees Will Reimbursed at your First Salary) Note :- If you found unfit in medical test, then the future process will get delay.
    After having your medical fitness certificate and getting shortlisted for position you are required to do further procedure.

    1. Documentation Process- In this stage you are required to submit your original passport along with the photocopy of all required documents. In this stage you have to submit Rs.40000/- via cheque or Online Transfer. Cash Transaction is strictly prohibited. (This 40000/- It is refundable Amount in the First Month Salary)
    2. Final Stage – In this stage you will get your work contract After signing your work contract at that time you will Get Transit Visa, Multiple Visa or Online Visa along with all other required documents including the 1 way Air-Ticket for the first journey will come and all the procedure is done with the your hiring company.

    Xlines Marine And Offshore pvt Ltd

    anish sir please give your review

  38. hi my name is abenthung.L.kikon from northeast region.i’m planing to join merchant Navy which is being published in newspaper written 100% recruitment job placement and they told me that they have a link at mumbai.they are charging 1 month course fee 1.20 lacs for Marine college and certificate .is it fraud agent?? do they really charge fees for Marine education ?? and they told me that I had to give them money for my Visa …sir/ma’am could u please help me out with my statement above..

  39. Sir this company
    RPSL MUM 424
    IS it fake ?
    Or if its genuine , wether they have their own ships or they just do manning.
    Plz tell me whether to join or not

  40. Hello Sir I had got an ineterview call and then after the interview a medical process had done. Now after counsling they are demanding 50000 for training. Sir can You please check hey had DG approved. They were telling tAnd their address is first floor S.C.F 33 SILVER CITY MAIN CHANDIGARH-AMBALA HIGHWAY ROAD,ZIRAKPUR. Sir can you please check that I am waiting for your reply.

  41. @Abenthung: strictly avoid any third party or agents as there are high chances of fraud.
    Try to get admission directly. 100% job placement is a hoax. Don’t fall for it.

  42. @Adeeb: Not heard about this company before. Take caution even if the company have an approved RPSL number.

    Please do check the RPSL number in DG website as most of the time, the licenses are either invalid or expired.

  43. @Naresh: Never heard about this company before. If they are demanding money, strictly avoid them. Take caution even if the company have an approved RPSL number.

    Please do check the RPSL number in DG website as most of the time, the licenses are either invalid or expired.

  44. Sir, I have got a mail from this company asking for 60000 money (10000 for registering + 50000 for admission) Please help me if it is a true or fake company. This is the mail below :


    Shop No. 107, 118 CSC Manish Market, First Floor, Plot No. 2 Sector-11 Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075.

    Landmark: Dwarka sec-11, Metro Station Exit from Gate no. 1

    Contact : 9015306766, 011-4056311, 011-41023111

    You need to carry the following Docs. Along with you:

    1. 5 recent Passport size Photographs.

    2. Copy of your updated resume.

    3. All relevant original documents and one set of copy of each of them. (Education certificate and ID Proof)

    4. Passport

    You have to carry Rs. 60,000/- with you ( 10,000 registration fee + 50,000 Admission Fee)

    Please confirm your availability and if you have any query feel free to contact us.

    We wish you the best of luck.

    Thanks & Regards
    HR Team
    Skype: crownmarinemanagement
    Call : +91-9015306766 (India) (Call & What’s app)
    Off Addres : Suryodaya apartment, Unit-4 , Dwarka , New Delhi-110078
    Website :
    Email :

  45. @Bharat: It seems they are not DG shipping approved. Also, asking money for placement is itself suspicious. My advice—Strictly avoid.

  46. Respected ,sir/madam
    One Institute from Mumbai namely Ts Rahman they gave me opportunities to join their gp rating course…. Then also I have cross checked… About this Institute.. It is showing it dg shipping approved..
    I want ur opinion wht shall I do ??should I go for it or not.. Plz sir or ma’am ur feedback is very important for me.. Plz do reply

  47. @Ansari: TS Rahman is one of the oldest and reputed institutes in the country. However, the placement has been a challenge for all colleges.

  48. Sir please tell me about the offshore shipping academy ..IInd Floor, Verma Complex Bye Pass Road Near Bhagwan Takies, Opposite OMAXE Mall, Kaushalpura, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282005
    Sir please tell me this academy is a good academy and it’s fake academy

  49. Sir I got interview latter from Seaman ship management Pvt Ltd help me to know that its fack or not here it’s the msg
    Dear Candidate, we are glad to inform you that you have been selected for the MERCHANT NAVY interview at Goa ON 14th June 2018. Kindly bring your original Qualification Certificates, 2 photographs and any Identity proof and come in formal dress code. Any queries contact Head Office -9545798441, Address: 308, 3rd Floor, Gera Imperium I, Patto, Panaji , Goa – 403001 Contact No : 08322437615/16/17

  50. Sir i got a call from indocean maritime services for dns sponsorship exam and interview..
    I do no anything about the company..may i know if the company is fake or not

  51. Hi! Sir. I have been sponsored by a company named an-line shipping for My DNS course they have a rspl no. Mum-424 .kindly check its site Nd plz confirm that it’s a genuine company or not ? A word from your side will be highly appreciated

  52. Hi Prakash,

    They seem to be a new addition to the RPSL list and we have no review of them.

  53. Dear Sir

    I have been offered sponsorship from a company named AN Line Shipping (RPSL number : MUM424). As per them they are offering sponsorship to 100 number of candidates. But this is very recently established company in 2016 only as per GOI data.

    I request you to confirm genuineness of this paypal company. Also they have some names for sponsorship for year 2016 & 2017 as well. Request you all to provide inputs regarding this.

  54. Requesting your inputs on AN Line Shipping.Also if someone can post experience of last two batches then that will be of great help.

  55. Sir,
    TMCshipping rpsl mum423 is a right insitute or not .
    Because they course fee is 2.25 lac. And they said for the seat reservation you have to submit 50000. So please help me i m little bit confuse about it.

  56. Sir I have got placed to Alpha nine Marine from our college, I want to know are the fake or genuine.
    Plzzz check and inform me sir

  57. Sir,
    Please give me some information regarding anglo Eastern.
    And its placement record

  58. @Adarsh: We have no feedback as such for this company. Do read my previous comments in this article.

  59. Sir,
    TMCshipping rpsl mum423 is a right insitute or not . I want to do GME course, nd TMC shipping have tie up with some college like AMET, so they will help to take addmission in AMET, and after TMC shipping is providing SPONSORSHIP aftercomplication of GME course. They will give a written letter of sponsorship before addmission.
    And for giving sponsorship they charge 3 lac. And they said for the seat reservation you have to submit 50000. So please help me i m little bit confuse about it.

  60. Sir,
    Is chougle marine education and training center is a genuine or its
    fake institution sir…please help me sir
    And they are telling for traing i should pay 1,60,000..with 100 percent placement..please give me suggestion sir


  62. Good Morning sir,
    I have selected in college placements for Westline shipping Agency for doing GME course and than after onboard training but they are charging 6lakhs. So please give information about Westline shipping Agency and placements tecords

  63. Please check if the institute is DG shipping approved. There are many other institutes which are on a higher rank than SAMS. We do not have exact figures for the placement record. Recommended talking to the college or final year students about the last year placement record.

  64. Dear sir
    Can you tellme regarding Crown Marine Managment Pvt Ltd as i have a job offer from them kindly its urgent …

    Thank you

  65. Sir I am studying in southern academy of maritime studies ,chennai. For BSC NS course so plz tell me that is it DG approved or not and its placement records. Plzzz do reply

  66. Sir im in contact of an agent n he is charging ne 4.5 lakhs for sponsor ship letter from a shipping company n the agency us rpsl registered . So sir will it be gud to pay them . N if not can u suggest some gud agencies that offr sponsorship in return of money

  67. Hi sir can u tell me elegant marine direct company is fake company? because i saw Add & my husband also apply but they take 25000 thousand money ,,, but until they didn’t give appointment letter or any letter… so i think that means that is fake company

  68. I have got an offer letter from an agency called RUDHRAKSH PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION services. I dont know anything of this service based company. They have asked us to pay INR 1,80,000/- which include the pre-sea training cost and also a job guarantee. Please do help me. You can also mail me with your valuable guidance. Thank you.

  69. The first thing you need to check if they are approved by DG shipping. No ethical company should ask money for placmement or jobs as it is against the director general of shipping rules. My personal take is to avoid such third parties.

  70. Any company which is not DG shipping approved and ask for money upfront is most likely to be Fake.

  71. Hey guys need help, from couple of days I had been following up with an agent of this company “Rudraksh Professional Education Trust”, after providing education documents through watsaap she gave me little glimpse about the JOb profile for “Merchant Navy” and without any interview she said I got selected and for call letter I have to pay their company 500rs then I’ll get it by post further procedure will be carried out in Jaipur Rajasthan … is this a fraud company? … help emergency ?

  72. I have paid 2 lacs 40 thousand for my placement… Its been one month i have been staying here in mumbai.. Fisrst my placemnt to Singapore cancelled.. My contract was singned but was cancelled again.. Visa came but RPSL number not came dats y.. Now dey are going to send me to others ship again.. So what i will do.. RPSL number came frm company or agent… D. G shipping will send first right???

  73. Looks like a fraud to me. This company is not DG shipping approved. Better not to entertain them.

  74. @Quiwe: If the company is not RPSL, high chances of fraud. The way they are dealing looks like they do not intend to send you on the ship. Please be careful when joining a ship from them as they can send you to a tugboat, or a ship which is abandoned by its owner. You will be stuck there with no support. Have a thorough background check of the company.

  75. anish sir. It’s been 48 days now.. my placemnt not done. My joining ship details given.. but still not yet contract ,visa,RPSL came. It’s been two weeks but still they say Joining ship details not came… They have send my documents in two ships… But still not came .. they say 90 % chances to come dis month 20th-22th. Days y waiting patiently .. do I have to take back my placemnt money after dat. My passport and indian CDC also I’m their hand… Praying to God …my joining details will come on dat day without fake …. Good ship like supply vessel,Roro cargo,bulk carrier.. not like Tugboat,Ship repairing , dockyard…. Now I’m depending upon..God.. faith in God dat he will help me… My office name which have given money from my state nagaland .. it’s Shree Madhuvan . . Belapur sector 15 plot no 85.. said Sangam building…thank u

  76. My Whole point is , DG Shipping knows each and everything about this. Why on earth are they not taking any actions.
    Instead they’re asking in ASM writtens that why demand for Indian seafarers is falling day by day. In my humble opinion they should address this problem at hand first. So many people have been cheated even by agents who has rpsl number.
    We seafarers, on the other hand, lack unity as well.
    Unions, MMD, Dg and all seafarers have to come together to abolish this malpractice .

  77. Hi got a mail telling vacancy is there for apl by a person called Richard.He provided the address and all.He told the registration fee is 4000.I paid and he scheduled the interview.Aftersometime he called me and said the interview has been postponed.Now he is not picking the phone at all.

  78. @Umesh: Never pay for interviews/ paperwork etc. as it is against the guidelines of DG shipping. High chances this guy is a fraud.


  80. @Raju: I do not have first-hand review on the mentioned college, however, the placement seems to be poor last year. I will suggest joining a college which provide sponsorships such as AESM etc.

  81. Delma mariners provide genuine joining , my friends got placement properly and what ever the commitment they giving to candidates they full filled. they are dealing with direct companies that is the best part.

  82. Sir, SHIRAJ SHIPING PVT LTD Offered me for the job & he required some money. he told me this is DG shipping but in online their is not showing these is apporoved by DG shipping .

    plz rply

  83. Hi, Got an offer from Golf SR online maritime agency. They are asking me to pay 50 euros to aftmed clinic to get a psychological examination certificate online and the payment is through bitcoin.
    I want to know whether it’s fake or not.

  84. @Emmanuel:Very High chances of a Fake company as genuine will not demand any money and bitcoin seems suspicious.

  85. Hi sir, i m ravindra and i applied for fresher os rank and one agent told me about a job for container ship.nd told me rpsl number CHN025 and meraus shipping line.
    And ,also so plz tell me about this rpsl and shipping line thnx

  86. @Ravindra : Avoid agents. The companies you mentioned are not at all famous (it is upon you to tag them trustworthy or not). Please be very conscious before taking any step.

  87. @Ampee: My personal opinion – Any recruiter/ agent demanding money of any kind (for visa, psychometry or for any other purpose) is a scam. Please take caution when dealing with such people.

  88. Sir through offline i have applied in seacor marine services noida.. Later after written exam and interview the gave me a selection letter in which the training centre was different seafarers shipping services in gurgaon haryana.. Now i am confused what to do plz suggest Sir

  89. Top of the day,
    Please I want to ask if you ever heard of or activities of golfsr, an agent whom sees to recruit for shipping industry, give an offer to a friend of mine demanding bank statement from her as a proof of and confirmation of house address. Please is this appropriate as a means of identity, your input is most helpful.


  90. No company asks for bank statement as there are other better documents available for nationality and residential proof. Please be very cautious when dealing with agents, especially those who demand money as their main intention is to make money and not provide any job.

  91. @Abhijeet: First thing is to check if they are an approved DG shipping institute? Then, How was there last placement percentage?
    There are other better colleges available who provide sponsorship to the students.

  92. Sir I want to give some info about AN Line if anyone wants they can msg me on Instagram sailingknowledge same name YouTube channel also if anyone wants I can tell but I’ll also be discreet and would request the other person to be so too..

  93. sun shipping and maritime services pvt. limited (RPSL NO:MUM374).
    is the above mentioned company genuine.please, anyone provide some insights about the company.

  94. I got offer form golfsr but before interview asking about the online medical and for that need to pay 50 euro so kindly may I know this scam or real.

  95. Riddhi career management maritime college jaipur fake or real. Please comment anish sir

  96. Ampee:
    Emmanuel Donkor:

    Golfsr Ab From Sweden is not a company or agency this just a another type cheating. Once you create an account they will provide with nice job offer salary up to 1100€ per month after they ask requested documents for submit then they ask EU Psychological evaluation certificate from their suggested clinic after you pay the money the clinic will issue the certificate after the submittion the make an online test from the test you cannot pass the type of mark is 67, 75 something and the told will consider you next offer. So this friend please be all careful anyway first incident never make second time.

  97. I got selected from Al marine and Aviation training centre to work in Singapore. They are DG shipping Approved with a licence number showing on DG website, however they asking me to place a security deposit of RS 27000 Before handing me my Offer later. They also claim that I will get my Security Deposit refunded once i recieve my offer letter. Please help me out in this Confusing situation Anish Sir. Appreciated thnks.

  98. Al Marine & Aviation pvt ltd a DG shipping approved agency asking for 27000/- as Security deposit. Is it legit? Please help

  99. I got offer from BJCP Business House sanpada for safety in shipping
    They are asking for 6500 for medical check up
    And training fees of 27k
    Is it fake or real
    Please help me out

  100. @Rehan: Any shipping company (approved or not) asking for money for any purpose is illegal as per the DG shipping. You can report the same to DG shipping for further action.

  101. saibuildcareer- Sir i m studying here for last 2 months…. plz plz plz plz… Is this Scam or real… Their website says Rpls No Mum 504 dg shipping govt of india… Sir plzz reply… Thanks

  102. Abhiroop: I have never heard of them. If you want to join this field, better to go for a reputed college which provides sponsorship such as Anglo Easter, GE etc.

  103. A company named Tradeocean Ship Management Pvt Ltd. have offered me a job onboard.And demanded like Rs300000 for processing fees.Is this company fake or real..?

  104. @Tushar: High chances of fraud. Please note that as per DG shipping, any kind of monitory demand for jobs is illegal.

  105. Dear anish sir, i got offer from albacore marine india pvt ltd. Now they asking for 15days training in goa and pay 27500 rupees and around 16000 refundable after that and its for cdc no . Help me find a solution

  106. Hi guys I got placement from Ocean galaxy marine institute, delhi. Whether it is trustable they showed the RPSL No. Whether I can believe or not kindly tell me.

  107. @Deepakraj: Please do check there last placement. Even with RPSL, companies are asking for money which is illegal as per DG shipping.

  108. @Prince: Please be cautious as 15 days training will not land you a decent job. Personally, I have never heard about this company and advice you to go for a more established Institute for training in case you are interested in joining this field.

  109. Hi sir I m from Chennai I saw one add for job in ship. Then I called up and asked they explained in phone regarding jobs in ship. I don’t have any degree related marine industry but they told me to do STWC basic course and to apply CDC for that they are charging 70000 rs after they give the offer and job placement in cruise ship without any interview for that we need one way ticket and visa for that they will charge 50000, 1lac or 2 Lacs depends upon salary country. Is it fake or is it possible to get the job. But this company is only processing they RPSL and DG approved nothing…they will refer to RPSL license holder company that’s it…is it fake or not kindly reply me

  110. sir, I am getting call from TRADEOCEAN SHIP MANAGEMENT and I am not sure if it is an agent or a company, they gave me Job offers with their respective charges.
    Can you please tell me if it’s a genuine company or not with registered RPS Licence.

  111. SIr, I’m having 5+Years of experience in QA/QC in the field of CIVIL Engineering .. albacore has shortlisted my resume and asking me to come for interview at mumbai .As they say .. vacancy for my post in Ship yard .. After successful interview ..i’m Supposed to pay to Rs.6000/- for medical test..How can i trust.Whether this is fake?

  112. @Senthil: High chances of fraud here. My advice: do not indulge as there were many similar cases of fraud already registered. As per DG shipping rule, no money should be asked for the placement, Visa or tickets.

  113. Is westline shipping a trusted agency?.They have come to our college for placement sake and asked us to pay a hefty amount of 6lacs (3 lacs for govt and 3 lacs for the company)Should I go forward or should I just leave it .They have told us that the 3 lacs will be refunded once if the 2 years training is completed.

  114. @Kumar: I have mentioned this earlier too. joining a company demanding upfront money for job is risky. Also, you can directly get an admission into a college which provides a sponsorship such as AESM, rather than using a 3rd party to enter this field.

  115. @Ahmed: Never heard about this company. You can go for the interview and check the credential of the company (As you are physically going to Mumbai for interview). Regarding the payment, usually, a shipping company will not ask for money for medical examination. However, we are talking about a shipyard job, which is different than jobs on the ship. Therefore, I cannot comment if taking money beforehand for medical is correct or not.

  116. @Kumar: They are not in the DG shipping list of Valid RPSL. Please check with them. Avoid if it involves service charges as they are not on the list.

  117. I have paid money to Fleet Line Navigation Marine Managment Belapur the amount is 190000 it’s been 6mobths I have not yet got any jobs from their side they are treating me and not giving me money back and not giving job they are doing fraud with many people Owner name is Rohit Ranjan and Santosh Choudary

  118. @MOHAMMED AHMED MOHUDDIN: Please update if you went for the interview and what happened. I too received a call and was demanded 500 Rs nonrefundable.

  119. Hi sir my name marimuthu studying Bsc nautical science final year
    Can you please give some idea for join a good and dg approved company.bcoz no placement in my clg.

  120. Sir this westline shipping is mentioned in the dg shipping website.
    And can u give me the procedure to get into the college sponsored by AESM

  121. Dear sir
    Do you know about maraine terminal services.The consultancy provided the job offer from Belgium and they are asking money also .
    It’s real or fake?
    Please give some helpful advice Sir

  122. Sir my name is Anish I m studying Deck Rating course In SAI BUILD CAREER PVT in jaipur.. In Official website of Dg shipping says that They have Rpsl No Mum 504 help me for this sir and any kind of future in that course place tell me sir… because i am already gives lot’s of money i hope you will help me for doubt

  123. @Manickam A: If there is money demanded, most probably you will land up with nothing. Avoid such offers.

  124. @Shijo: Yes, It is good. They provide job training in their own company-operated ship, which is a + point here. It will depend on your performance.

  125. @Anish: It will depend on the placement cell of your course provider. I have never heard the name of this college and looking at the current situation of the job market, where college with big names are struggling to provide placement, I doubt if your college can place everybody on ship.

  126. Rio Marine Services Nagpur having website www. riomarineservices. com is a fake shipping company having no RPSl license .Please Note all shipping companies which are approved by Directorate General of Shipping, Govt. of India to recruit Indian seafarers are granted RPSL License by D.G Shipping, the details of which can be found on the website Directorate General of Shipping Rio Marine services fraud company will lure you by promising excellent career growth and salary.Please don’t waste your money or father money on such promises .Stay away from Rio marine with mail id info @

  127. Today I seen add in assignment abroad times of RJM Shipping and aviation. I called them for the profile of safety officer they told me come to Mumbai for interview after clearing the interview you have to pay 6000 rs for medical. And no other charges. Is this is fraud or genuine agency. Please help me in this matter.

  128. Sir I am Himanshu singh.I want to about offshore shipping acedmy. I saved from fraud. So please help me……

  129. Hello sir,
    I’m Karan Tikare, Karnataka. I have been called for an interview by Albacore Marine PVT limited. This is what I receive

    Dear Sir,

    Company Profile:

    We are recruite in Shipping, Curies , Shipyard , Cargo vessel, & Oil Rig management Company. Salary provided will be starting from 45000/- to 3,20,000/- in between. Candidates Should Come Down To Office with his Original Documents for Verification, Group Joining and Departure Instruction.
    (500/- Rs for file, form and registration)
    6 Passport Size Photo
    Passport (If Available)
    Experience Certificate
    Education Proof
    ID Proof
    (All Document Original and Xerox)

    Contract Duration is: 2 Yrs
    Cruise ship, Shipyard & Cargo vessel.
    6 Month Work 1 Month Leave (Leave Will Be Paid Leave)
    Oil Rig (Off Shore & On Shore)
    28 Days Work 28 Days leave (Leave Will Be Paid Leave)
    (Free: – Food| Accommodation | Medical Insurance . Yellow Fever Vaccination Free By the Company)
    100% Selection Guaranteed
    You Have To Conduct D.G Approved Medical Test (Directorate General of Shipping Approved Medical)
    Costing Of Rs 6,500/-
    Both freshers as well as experienced candidates can apply.

    For direct clients interview schedules pls cont.

    Address ;
    off. : 109, BGTA, ganga premises CHS,wadala truck terminal, near RTO,wadala Landmark GTB Station mumbai-400037

    Please check if its true. I’m having a very hard time because of being a fresher and looking for job since more than a year and all I’m receiving is scam offer.
    Thank you

  130. Hi Mohammed Ahmed Mohudin,
    I want to enquire relating to your comment about regarding Albacore marine pvt Ltd since I have been offered the similar post.
    Can you please let me know if you had attended interview and personal been to their office? If it’s fraud, kindly help me save myself I’m ruining money, energy and time.
    You can contact me on **Removed**

  131. @Karan: Hi karan, We spoke on LinkedIn too. Thank you for sharing the complete picture here. As your message said they are looking for a mechanical engineer but the job looks like for the ship (i.e. at sea). What is your qualification?, If you are a mechanical graduate you still need to do some basic STCW course and get CDC etc.
    Even if you have all of that, please be cautious as I cannot see any official website, company email (they are using gmail). I cannot see any RPSL number for them ( which is a must). Even if you want to try your luck, you can go for the interview and assess the company standards….and then take a call to go for medical or not. If they insist to pay for medical first before the interview, a high probability of fraud.
    This is a common fraud being done online where a website demands only medical fee and no other charges (No service charge, no agent fee etc.). However, once the candidate pays them the medical fee, nobody contacts them back.

  132. Sir I recently cleared medical for westline shipping company. I wanted to know if it is a good company. I have been asked to pay a total of six lakhs for pre-sea training CDC certification as well as for apprenticeship altogether spanning a total of two years. Three lakhs fifty thousand for CDC and the rest for the apprenticeship. They are based in ahemedabad and they have a valid RPSL.

  133. Anishji,
    My brother has joined in a shipping company via a genuine RPSL lisence holder agent.
    Prior joining (in india)he was said and given paperworks of XYZ(not mentioning) shipping company, but he was boarded in a different company(abroad but diff company).
    When asked agent said ship has not reached port and will be late,so he was boared in a diff. company.
    Till now the agent has not provided agreement copy and salary details.
    My brother has joined in Jan-20
    Plz help,and guide me the next best possible action.

  134. Hello sir,
    I have been a victim of fraud by DS Marine (rpsl kol- 001 but expired on 24/11/2018) .I gave them almost’s been 6months still they are delaying the joining ….even when I have told them to return my money they said process is ongoing……they have closed their office in navi Mumbai now operates from Kolkata under new company Danaos Ship Management Pvt Ltd (as per its website it says A unit of Ds Marine,Kolkata), which don’t have rpsl…..they have cheated another seafarer still waiting for 1yr………please help me where & how to complain & charge against them….

  135. @Swarup: Go to the police and file an FIR. Also, approach Maritime union or NUSI with the complaint.

  136. @Santosh: This is dicey as you do not have any contract or agreement copy. Please ensure the shipping company your brother has joined is a member of MUI. There have been many cases where the crew has been left abandon on ships making life difficult from them. You can approach ITF or Maritime union of India if the issue persists.

  137. Does anyone personally visited Albacore marine India pvt ltd ,Wadala Mumbai …please let me know

  138. Hello dear anish
    How are you ,I hope you are best of your Health and wealth ,Best wishes from my side to you .
    Sir I have a problem regarding a marine and aviation service company its name is

    Today i.e on 6th of march 2019 I got an advertisment in the assignment abroad times about this training center
    they were saying that they were hiring candidates for various like carpenter ,mason safety officer,technician etc total 24 posts for india and abroad

    I approached the agency ,gave my interview there ,so after the interview i was asked whether i would work in india or abroad ,so I answered them for working abroad

    so they gave me an offer for kuwait country for working as a safety officer there ,
    after explaining about the company procedures for recruitment for cdc ,visa ,ticket that was all going to beared by company

    Then she asked me for getting a DG approved medical costing 6250 rupees which I have to pay them and after the medical there are 2 more medicals which is going to beared by the kuwait company

    In the first approved medical I would Get two benefits of 10 lacs medical claim and 20 lacs death claim
    CDC costing 2 to 3 lacs + visa+ airticket would be beared by the company
    medical to joining would take 90 to 100 working days .
    8hrs woking time +OT

    the hr of the company said me that 3rd party agents are not entertained here this a direct recruitment company

    Then she told me for the STCW course for safety training which is a one month course after that i would be sent for ojt(on job training)offering a salary of 60000 starting which is tax free

    The training expenses will be beared by the company as well .
    They were even telling to deposit 26368 rupees as security deposit for any misinconvience caused in future by me and between the company ,but she told that is refundable to 15000 approx if i do not go further for the selection process

    Sir its a request please reply for this query by tommorrow 8 march or 9 march
    Its very urgent please try to understand ,your one reply would be highly valueable for me

    Amit Mishra

  139. Hello sir this is Bablu Shaikh ,I went a office for interview , they selected and told for DG medical 6000, after if I done medical so they send for STCW course,then I need to fill 27000 for CDC ,I need your what Wii I do sir . let me know sir

  140. @anish Hello sir, it seems to be lot of comments about fraudulent agencies have come to light by your post thanks for that ( as i have commented back on may2016 about rpsl agent & it’s 2019 now ) & would kindly like to request you to make a blog on the rps/non rpsl agents which have high risk or have cheated fellow seafarers before. If required im ready to assist to collect & provide proof against the fraudulent agents / institutes. Thanks for your time and kind consideration.

  141. @amit Mishra. Please avoid these type of agencies & please do Google & read comments before approaching the agents as I have been there at Al marine it’s seems to be fishy & the 4/5 ladies are just keep telling in sweet voice about the fraudulent procedures. Please be aware & don’t pay any advance charges. As they are demanding 15/17.5k which are refundable as per their policies which is just a scam. If proceeding please do take care & get opinions from others who have been( if placed by them).
    They were named by two different companies before you can search on Google for more

  142. @Suraj: Thank you for this suggestion. I will pass on the idea to my editors. Thanks once again for your support.

  143. Hallow sir, I am SUBHAM MONDAL a trainee ETO. I am going through an agent. Can anyone tell tell me how can I verify all documents like visa, contract letter, LG OK to board certificate etc provided by agent???
    Thank you very much sir.

  144. One more question to you. If I go through a rpsl agent to the foreign country like Malaysia, then is there any possibility to stuck on that country due to proper documentation.
    Thank you very much.

  145. Can anyone tell me about
    Al marine aviation and training centre at Sanpada Navi mumbai 400705

  146. Hiee I am currently in talks with a company called westline shipping company regarding doing merchant naval course through them is this agen y legit and treatable

  147. @Sarosh: Looking at the previous comments about this company, I will not recommend them.

  148. @Dekence: I have mentioned this earlier too. joining a company demanding upfront money for job is risky. Also, you can directly get an admission into a college which provides a sponsorship such as AESM, rather than using a 3rd party to enter this field.

  149. sir, I have attended the interview in albacore marine india pvt ltd for the safety officer post.after the interview they asked to do medical test which is 6,500₹ and after that they are asking to pay 27,377₹
    cash directly in office or as take DD and told to make courier to their company name for CDC course in goa.which can be arranged within 30 to 40 working days of the payment and which 16,500₹ is refundable.and after that within 10 days they said they will send to Singapore for the job which i have selected for and my salary package is 70000₹ which they have fixed.. so sir i’m very confused pls give suggestion.i’m a middle class people.. now whether i want to send DD to them or Not??

  150. Rudrakesh trust instiuation Jaipur rpsl334mum h ya mujhe trainning K liya bula rahi h 1month training and 60000 rupees mag rahi h ya sahi h ya fir farzi h plesae help me

  151. Hello sir
    Can u tell me about the R.J.M shipping and aviation had been provide me the safety officer job in kuwait and they demand for 23000 rupees for work permit .kindly sir tell me this is reliable or fraud

  152. @Shahbaz Khan: Please avoid any such agencies which demand money upfront. If they don’t’ have RPSL number, do not join.

  153. I would like to know about get shipper I don’t know if they are a scam some please let me know something about them

  154. @anish: sir please provide us some information about companies which provide job without any service charge and Which are purely on bases of interviews and merits
    Thank you in advance

  155. @Shri: There are many companies which do that, however, they are usually looking for experienced candidates and not freshers.

  156. @Ram: We do not have any information about this company, however, looking at the demand they are raising I will advise you to be cautious as there have been several fraud cases of similar type. Please do share your experience with our readers as it might help others to make a sound decision.

  157. Sir i got a call from indocean maritime services for dns sponsorship exam and interview.

  158. Hi there, there is a RM Marine service s private ltd. Company located in seawood corner, seawood, near seawood railway station, navi mumbai, maharashtra. Here one agent name MAHESH SHEVTI and 8-10 peoples working under him as a dalla(sub agent) named awadhesh, akhilesh,mukesh,guru,vikash. These are all cheaters. They do not have any rpsl. They ask for money 1-3 lacs each seafarer for placement. They give fake documents like agreement, visa and flight tickets. All things are FAKE. After this the game starts….Today n tomorrow u guys will fly but that today n tomorrow never ever came. After 2-3 months seafarer started to ask for refund of their own money then these FAKE RM MARINE starts threatening seafarers and do not give any money.
    So, guys beware of this fake agents.

  159. @Helpless Sailor: Thank you for sharing this. It will definitely help fellow seafarers to make a sound decision

  160. About Albacore marine jndia pvt ltd
    Mr Ram prashanth please can you say have you done your medical and any further process. Right now what is the status

  161. Sir,anyone tell me…
    I already applied for CDC Seaman book from al marine and aviation training centre via…
    This training centre true or fake ?

  162. Pls tell me about R.J.M SHIPPING AND AVIATION IN MANKHURD WEST ,MUMBAI…i am selected by then for goa shipyard..but i feel its not genuine..pls reply ..urgent..

  163. @Prashant: Never heard about them. If they do not have an RPSL number, it is strongly advised to avoid such companies.

  164. @Siva: Looking at the current job market, we do not advice to apply CDC with such training center. Only go for good colleges who can provide you sponsorships.

  165. I have done medical and paid the DD for albacore Marine India Pvt Ltd.they asked to wait for 60 working days.whether it will be fake?

  166. Hi

    This is Prakash I am selected in albacore marine india pvt LTD as a HVAC supervisor for Canada curise working January 28 done my interview and same date I have done medical also done with my money 6500rupess they are need to pay 27373 rupees take the DD under the albacore marine india pvt ltd, I was done the DD January 30 they are send to me payment receipt after 10 days through courier my home when I am attend the interview the entire process is 45 to 60 days after that you need go to Goa for 1 month trianing period after completion of the training 5 to 7 days you will go to Canada ….
    I am started calling from march I was asking to them where is my process how much long it will taken the process they are said to me next 15 it will completed your process still they are calling to them they are said to me it will take one month ..

    Please give me suggestion any one this is fake company or genuine

    other counsaltancy company’s taken the same process?

    The company is registered but company started 2018 June

  167. Sir,
    I already applied CDC Seaman book in al marine and aviation training centre in Mumbai… they have rpsl /mum/436…..
    Please anyone tell me…. this institute true or fake?

  168. @Vishnu: We are not sure if the company is fake or not. Please do provide us the details on how it goes with you as this will help fellow seafarer for taking a sound decision.

  169. @Prakash: That is a long waiting period. Please take caution as most of such offers are fake.

  170. @Sivabalan: We are not aware of the reputation of this institute, however, there are many other institutes which has a better track record.

  171. Anish,
    I appreciate your help. You are doing a huge contribution saving us from fraudsters. I was twice offered a job from Albacore but I refused to proceed as they demand 500 rs for form and don’t have a proper website as well. It’s credentials can be found here
    Albacore maritime is an estonian company with a website which says albacore marine india is their sister company. This doesn’t make sense to me.

  172. I am ashish.i have selected in albacore marine india pvt ltd. For mechanical engineer. I am completed my medical after that they said to pay 27377rs. And after that waiting for 45 to 60 days.afer that they give training on CDC at 15 days training in goa….
    Is this genuine company or fake? Please give me the right suggetion for this company.

  173. Sir there is kings group management in mumbai near GTB nagar .. Working under Rudraksh marine which rpsl 334 ..Where I’m applying for TR.OS job .And I paid 23000 to company for getting job on ship ..Plz tell me it’s Fraud Or Real …They sending me to dubai for job on ship which imo no is 9636137 plz give me feedback..

  174. Sir i want to know If i’m going to join mlayasian ship if they don’t have RPSL IS it good for join or not ? Becoz my agent says some countries don’t have a need of RPSL.

  175. @Rushikesh: If kings group does not have any RPSL number, high chances of fraud.

  176. sir, i got placement in trade ocean ship management company, they deal medical fee with 4750, seat booking fee 29500, and training at indo ocean maritime , dg aproved , 350000 rupees want to pay, then ship training start from 1.5 lakh, after training they demand 100 percent job facility AND 500DOLLAR salary,, is trade ocean company genuine or fake?

  177. @Manjot: It is not about other countries, it is about you. As you are joining as an Indian seafarer through an Indian agent, always go for RPSL companies.

  178. Hi sir I want know abou R j M shipping Mankhurd i went for Interview their I was done my interview after she told me need to do medical,I did that now they asking for 23k rupees so what I have to do please guide me

  179. Sir
    I am selected in Albacore marine india pvt ltd and also done my medical yesterday and the report is ok.They told me give 27373 dd and they will refund 16500 in between my training. Please tell me about albacore India Ltd is that a genuine company pl help me.

  180. Some one tell me about albacore marine India pvt ltd. Is it a genuine or fake. Pl it is very urgent.

  181. Sir i am looking a job for a job in offshore/onshore drilling . As a fresher I am for a floorhand , roustabout , rigger jobs . I am in touch with some placement angesies based in Mumbai ..
    Could you please tell me how to identify them if they are genuine or fake ..

  182. Hi Anish,

    My uncle has got selected as a storekeeper for Singapore from R. J. M. Shipping and Aviation company Mankhurd Mumbai (C/o : B-0892/Mum/Com/1000+/5/9271/2017)

    They have asked for immediate medical and KYC to be checked. Medical charges our own and for KYC also they have asked for 14000 amount and they said after clearance the amount will be refunded and offer letter will be given. And departure will be in 2-3 months. Which is very long wait.

    Can you please share your thoughts on it weather it is fake or real?

    Thank you in advance

  183. @Pratap: Why any ethical company will take money upfront if they want to return it !!!

  184. @Faijal: If they are RPSL company, legally they should not ask for any money from you. If not, you should not proceed with them.

  185. Sir,
    I received a call from Albacore Marine India Private limited. I have asked many times whether i got selected i need to pay any service charges to your agency! They said no, we are not charging any service charges. Is it true or fake. Please anyone gone through albacore please help me.. whether it is true or fake??

  186. @Muthu: Never heard about them. If they do not have an RPSL number, it is strongly advised to avoid such companies. Also, if you see the previous comments, they are demanding money at the later stage and they have a long waiting period. We have never heard positive comments for them. Keep caution.

  187. @Asif: It seems they are not approved by DG shipping and do not have RPSL. (Please check with them once). If not, better not to indulge with them.

  188. @Ashokan: If they have RPSL number, you can proceed with them only if they do not demand any money from you.

  189. Shashwat: Do check the article for the pointers. The basic identification is the demand for money for medicals, or visa, which is against the DG shipping regulations.

  190. @Shahanas: If they are giving 10% job in writing on a legal paper than you can think about it. Please do remember, taking money for onboard ship training after completion of course in college is illegal as per DG shipping. Even reputed companies are not giving 100% job security because of the oversupply. Please keep all these points in mind before making a decision.

  191. Thank you sir. I asked them (albacore Marine India Pvt LTD) do u have RPSL number? They said we are direct recruiting agent and we conduct client interview. So no needed. Please clarify me sir.
    If anybody gone training and working in shipyard through albacore? Please comment and be genuine ????

  192. @Muthu: My honest opinion- Avoid if they are asking for service charges and they don’t have an RPSL no.

  193. sir, i got placement in trade ocean ship management company, they deal medical fee with 4750, seat booking fee 29500, and training at indo ocean maritime , dg aproved , 350000 rupees want to pay, then ship training start from 1.5 lakh, after training they demand 100 percent job facility AND 500DOLLAR salary,, is trade ocean company genuine or fake?

  194. @Nani123: I have always stick to the same answer- If the company is not RPSL or if they are demanding money for onboard training, better avoid them as it is illegal as per DG shipping to demand money for ship training.

  195. There is a company named as AN-Line Shipping company with an RPSL NO. MUM-424 registered on DG-Shipping site link you gave on. His expiry date company year is around 2022. He took around ₹ 2,80,000 at the starting of my course for the sponsership. I just want to know if he is a scam or not. I don’t have any source at all to check what he is irl. Would be great sir if you just spare 2 min from your day and help a lost man?

  196. Sir, I am studying for deck rating course they told me fee is 140000 rupees and they tell 100%placement but they have only rpsl licence but the certificate is not dg approved… if I go for any dg approved institution how many time to take to get cdc and stcw….. What is fee structure for getting cdc and stcw

  197. Haloo sir. I wanted to know whether Ridhi Career Management is a genuine or fake because they are offering a six months course of Navy and need a registration fee of 11000rs and after that 54000 on the next month and finally the course will be of total 20000rs…
    Please guide about the same sir…

  198. Sir
    I am selected in AN line shiping limited by the help of an trust .Sir the trust had taken 25k from us for registration and now they are asking for 4 lakh for admission. Sir I want u r opinion should I proceed .
    The company persons are saying that they have licence with (RPSL_MOM-424)

  199. sir ive got mail form Augustea maritime group contonment road #09-01 southpoint,singapore company they inerviwved me and sen me call letter to join from kandly sea port can i kow its real or fake kidly help me


  201. Hello sir :-Anish
    I am manikanta..sir can u give ur email id sir/ Facebook I’d. …I want to ask some droughts on marine shaping company’s..

  202. @Abudul: Thank you for sharing your friend’s experience with us. This will definitely help fellow seafarers to make a right decision for their career.

  203. @Atul: Please go thorough above comments on the same company for better clarification.

  204. @Saif: Please check if they are approved by DG shipping with valid RPSL number, If not, be cautious in dealing with them. Ask them which visa they want to take as US crew visa fee is $160.

  205. @Priyanka: Things to check- Are they DG shipping approved institute
    Do they have valid DG shipping certificates.

    You can check the DG shipping website for approved institute list.

  206. @Albin: Thisis tricky. They are demanding money for placement which is against the DG shipping rules. Also, they do not have certificate which makes it more doubtful. Usually, the CDC is issued by the institute before passing out and STCW as you complete the basic courses.

  207. @Albin: This is tricky. They are demanding money for placement which is against the DG shipping rules. Also, they do not have certificate which makes it more doubtful. Usually, the CDC is issued by the institute before passing out and STCW as you complete the basic courses.

  208. Sir, i have passed an interview to singapore as safety officer conducted by D&G shipping, they have asked me to do the medical but i am confused whether they are real or not. The interview was conducted by an HR person. Sir can u please help with your valuable advise…

  209. Sir I am here to enquire about, almost 4-5 days back I a CMS company called me and say you are selected,you only just gave an entrance test then u go for training and then go to job for about 60k indian ruppes, sir i want to know is this company is fake or not or go for smuggling/kept children in foreigncountry
    Company website:-cmtaindia
    Thanking you

  210. @Lakshay: First thing first, Are they DG approved and do they have RPSL no.
    If not, better avoid any further dealing as they are asking for money upfront for job placement.

  211. @Ashly: Please check if they are approved by the shipping authority (in India, it is director General of Shipping). Ethically and as per the regulations, they should not ask any money for visa, medical etc. if you sucessfully clears the interview.

  212. Hello sir . What is your thoughts about placement agencies ? I am in contact with one “Horizon Offshore ” for a Roustabout job in offshore drilling . They are asking me 50000 RS and and telling me to submit my passport ( original)

  213. Good morning sir/ Madam,
    I am deck cadet having experience of 7 months, jobless since 1 and half years. Recently I got in touch with Oceans pride Marine services Pvt Ltd. RPSL no.345. just wanted to know whether the company is genuine or not.
    Thank You.

  214. @Sagar: If you search internet, you will mostly read bad reviews (of fraud and cheating). Please take caution while dealing with them.

  215. @Shashwat: Personally, I am against all the agency which takes upfront money as 90% cases confirms fraud.

  216. Hi sir ,
    Main b p marine belapur se eto ka course karne wala hu , par placement ke liye wo bol rahe hain ki campus interview ke baad selection aur uske baad job toh kya karna sahi rahega maine diploma kiya hain electronics main
    2 . Aur agar couse karne ke baad job nhi mila toh kya kru

  217. Hi sir this is sahbaz Shaikh on 12th July 2019 I went for interview in RJM SHIPPING &AVIATION which is located in Mumbai mankhurd area
    Which day I went for interview that day only they told me to go for medical n they were asking for 5750 of amount of medical so i told them that I don’t have this much amount right now so they ask how much u can pay now for medical I said 2000 I paid there n I did the medical after that they r saying u have to pay 26786 of amount by check or by DD n this amount they r saying it will be refundable after ur ticket n Visa Cumming so what I do I not getting is it genuine or fraud plus give good suggestions

  218. Can you check out first trust shipping company. I have looked on there page and I’m really not sure about them. I have called there numbers in us but it just says I have mail box not set up. This would be a great help.

  219. @Sahbaz: First thing first -Do they have RPSL? If not, stop dealing with them. As per DG shipping an approved agent/ manning company should not charge any thing from the candidate for placing them onboard ship.

  220. Hi Everyone,
    I have got mail form Augustea maritime group contonment road #09-01 southpoint,singapore company they inerviwved me. After confirmation, they asked me for my passport and seaman book copies. But I do not have seaman book , so I contacted the Indian representative captain Liston D’souza as it mentioned my mail, he asked me 10000 to get the seaman book. Please help me if this job offer is worth to take it as they are paying me a good salary.

  221. @Amit: If you have not done any courses, I will advice you to avoid joining this field as you will not get preference on a later date and job search will become extremely difficult. As such, the market is in bad condition and passed out cadets from good institute are finding it difficult to get job. Check if Augustsea maritime is DG shipping approved or not with a valid RPSL number. If not, avoid them.


  223. Hi Everyone,
    I have got mail form B+H ocean carriers LTD. 3rd Floor Par La Ville Place 14 Par La Ville Road Hamilton, MH 08 Bermuda.
    please let me know if this is fraud or not


  225. Sir i get a person number in facebook. He is a princess cruise ship consultant in usa. For getting membership id in cruise you need to pay 20000 as initial payment. After transfer he will send a application to fill and need to send back. I ask his rpsl number. He send his number and license also. But license is expired. I need to know how to check the rpsl number and is there have any formality to get membership id

  226. @Vinoth: First of all, ensure you are doing all the conversation with that person using his official email id only. There have been many fraud cases surfing around related to cruise ship job. Please do know that cruise ship companies does not recruit like this. However, if you are sure to proceed, you can us DG shipping website to check the RPSL number-

  227. Hello sir mere liye delhi se call aaya tha or bikaner exam hua tha or ab medical ke liye delhi bulaya h aur pese bhi mang rahe h or company h

    Red ocean shipping Academy pvt ltd

  228. Red oceanship in delhi looks really fake to me, they took Rs900 for medical and are asking Rs 1.85 Lacs for training session In Punjab.
    It looks 100% Fake to me.
    This company is just 7 months old.

  229. Hi sir, i got call letter from Rudraksh marine services. they offered me a job in merchant navy
    and their RPSL number is=RPSL-MUM-334 and they are saying there academy was apporoved by DG shipping……. can u please tell me is this company trust worthy???

  230. Sir mai mumbai se hu , maine agent ke trough placement liya he contract bhi sing hua he DORIS MARINE SERVICES PVT LTD . RPSL -MUM 396
    Ye company ne monalisa cargo ship diya he or vo NUSI se attach nahi he .lekin agent ka office dusri jagah he or DORIS ka office dusri jagah he.. Kya ye company sahihe ?..

  231. Please help me check if this website is legit or not: parcellogixdirect
    Thank you so much for your time

  232. @Dan: We are not aware of this company. Just the website link will not help us check the legitimacy of a company or a website.

  233. @Mahesh: Any company which is not affiliated to MUI or NUSI can be a big issue on a later date. Try to go through only RPSL approved companies.

  234. @Shivprasad: Even if they are RPSL approved, they should not be charging any service fee from you (which is a regulation as per DG shipping). I have not heard any negative or positive review about this company, hence, cannot comment on the legitimacy of the offer.

  235. @Jatin: Thank you for your valuable input. It will certainly help fellow sailors to make a sound decision.

  236. Hi guys is there anyone who can validate that MVCrewing is a legitimate agency or its fraudulent please help

  237. I was looking around to see if shippingcargous was legit or not. They email the fool out of you but when trying to get in touch with them it says to leave a message?

  238. RJM SHIPPING AND AVIATION REVIEWS PLS. My husband had applied 6 months back for which they charged fees of 20000 + 5000 done for medical and since then they are only verifying the documents. My husband was supposed to get job thru them after 2 months but now it has been 6 months. The situation as on today is they are keeping the phone engage always and if ringing they transfer to some ROHIT / Rohan / Ranjit where they are not able to give the exact picture. What should we do???anyone else in this sceene thru RJM SHIPPING AND AVIATION pls comment.



    AFTER ALL THIS WHEN WE GET FED UP OF WAITING SAY AFTER SIX MONTHS WE ASK FOR REFUND SAYING WE DON’T NEED JOB PLEASE REFUND MONEY AS PROMISED THEY RIGOUROUSLY STOP ATTENDING CALLS AND SEND A FAKE CHEQUE SIGNED WHICH GETS BOUNCED THEREAFTER. THEY HAVE MANY OTHER COMPANIES LINKED IN WITH DIFFERENT NAMES..BEWARE..THE ADDRESS THEY GIVE FOR INTERVIEW AND SUBMITTING DOCUMENTS IS IN MANKURD AREA where a poepn is sitting with four girls assisting as operator. Please don’t get trapped I am a well wisher who seriously wants to report to all those are getting trapped with them or already trapped with them..they are fraud….they are not at all worried about the hard earned money of the people which they are sitting and eating by doing NO WORK. SHAME ON THEM.

    LINKED COMPANIES NAMES ARE Namely AL MANZIL LABOUR SERVICES, AL RJM TRADE TEST CENTRE, RJM SHIPPING AND AVIATION addresses for all the above companies are same in MANKURD area and the main company is at chembur as per RSPL number.

  240. Sir,
    I had Solutions to stop all this by one,
    I just need support,
    I have a way, which completely stop any such activities, not only that , which will bring transparency in current manning system,
    Plz do eMail, For complete …Plan to change indian shipping, And
    #Time For Revolution

  241. Is there any way to file complain against a agent so that they cant cheat anyone else

  242. Hlo sir…on..5 september …Mr..Ritvik Chaouhan…call me..and ask u have qualify the exam. Then…ask for..submiting 1 lakh 85 a tranning fees and he ask after 6 months traning they gived job…to me… fraud…or..not…plz…answer..

    IMTA plot no.:30/28..knowledge parkIII,Greater noida,uttar pardesh201308,india
    Helpline no.8800095363

    Please reply sir..bcz…last date is 10 september

  243. Hi Jaibir

    Please ask them to provide it in written about the charges they are demanding and providing 6 months training. My personal opinion, avoid doing your course from such institutes which do not have official email ID’s. Go for a reputed college who can provide sponsorship.

  244. Kindly give me review about ridhi carrier management, jaipur- rajasthan.

    They demanded 70k for 45 days course.short term Direct entry program

  245. Sir please help me with this
    I have got an offer from a professional education trust named rudraksh . I checked it in
    RPSL and its license number is
    RPSL mum-334 . I have already paid rs.10000 for seat conformation and remaining rs.190000 in installments but now I’m affraid Weather the institute is frouding me or giving me real information
    Please tell me weather I go with it or quit here

  246. navico marine services belapur he giving me placement. they are asking 1.4k for service charge they tell me when u get all documents that time u check on master checker after pay so please tell me this us real or fraud

  247. Hi Anish,
    I got an email from monster job site on behalf of shore davie shipbuilding oceanic private limited. They are recruiting for various positions and I got the email for warehouse supervisor position . They are providing high salary packages. They are asking me to come to navi mumbai for face to face interview . They said there will be a hr round and if I pass that then they would lead me to a medical examination for which I would have to pay 6000. I need to know whether this is genuine or not can You please help . There is no information about the company on net . it shows the company began on 24 aug this year. And it shows the registration number and all. Can u please help me here.
    Thanks and regards,
    Siril George

  248. Hi Siril

    I am not sure about it as this is not a shipping company. In shipping companies, it is not recommended to charge employee for medical examination if he/ she is being recruited

  249. Hi Anish,
    I got an email from monster job site on behalf of shore davie shipbuilding oceanic private limited. They are recruiting for various positions and I got the email for Electrical supervisor position . They are providing high salary packages. They are asking me to come to navi mumbai for face to face interview . They said there will be a hr round and if I pass that then they would lead me to a medical examination for which I would have to pay 6500. Also said joining producer 60 day for document verification now 60 days over but no response , office address : B-301, 3rd Floor, Moreshwar apartments , opp Narur Railway station Navi Mumbai , 400706, I need to know whether this is genuine or not can You please help . There is no information about the company on net . it shows the company began on 24 aug this year. And it shows the registration number U74999MH2022PTC389129 , Reception lady name Supriya gade M. 8879328944 and all. Can u please help me here.
    Thanks and regards,

  250. They should not ask for medical money. This is one of the common frauds which is happening nowadays. On top of that, a registered company should not have a residential apartment as office address.

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