15 Colleges Providing Marine Courses in the U.K.

If maritime education is where your academic and professional interests lies and if UK is your maritime studies destination, then there are several colleges all over UK that offer marine courses.

Here is a list of all the maritime courses and colleges offering those courses.

Marine Courses
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1.        University of Strathclyde

The department of Naval Architecture and Marine engineering at this 125 years old university is one of the best in entire UK. You can find both undergraduate and post graduate studies in marine engineering. Both the studies and entire study course of this department is accredited by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects and the Institute of Marine Engineering.

2.       Newcastle University

This university’s college of marine engineering deals with specific marine environment and offers highly directed marine courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. A variety of maritime courses related to marine engineering like marine informatics, mechanics, and marine engineering practice are available here.

3.       Cornwall’s College of the Ocean

Offering a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience is the highlight of this college of marine engineering. Students can expect to find courses that are related to their specific field of interest like yacht designing, light marine engineering or a course with apprenticeship. You can find both full time and part time maritime courses at this marine engineering school.

4.       University of Southampton

This marine engineering school offers a total of seven marine courses, dealing with all aspects of marine engineering. These are postgraduate courses offered in a full time study pattern. Yacht designing, ship science and naval architecture are some of the courses being offered. The course duration ranges from 4 years to1 year courses, depending on chosen subjects.

5.       Southampton Solent University

This marine academy offers a total of four marine engineering courses dealing with yacht and power craft designing. The courses are full-time postgraduate courses that start in late September. Aspiring candidates should apply well in advance to secure a position.

6.       Plymouth university

Full time coastal engineering courses are available at Plymouth University’s college of marine engineering. The courses are Bachelor’s and Master’s courses, starting in September every year.

7.       University of Greenwich

Marine engineering management course offered at University of Greenwich deals with honing skills of students to take charge of related jobs. The course is available as a full-time course of one year at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

8.       Liverpool John Moores University

The university offers two courses in mechanical and marine engineering for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The courses start in September and January every year as full-time courses. The aim of these courses remains to offer students the area-specific knowledge and make them better trained for high input marine jobs. Applicants would require a degree in the marine-related field to qualify for these courses.

9.       South Tyneside College

This marine engineering college offers nine undergraduate courses related to marine engineering for all interested students. The courses available deal with various aspects of marine engineering. All courses begin in September each year.

10.   University of Highlands and Islands

The college of marine engineering at this university offers training cum theoretical course that allows the students to work in practical situations along with learning. The financial support offered is the main highlight as the students not only can support their own college with the allowance but the supporting shipping company will help provide students with knowledge of job requirements and real situations. This one-year duration course begins in September, every year.

11.   University college

London’s university college for marine engineering offers a total of three courses related to marine engineering and naval architecture. The courses are of one year and four years’ duration, respectively.

12.   University of Aberdeen

This college for marine engineering offers a course in Subsea Engineering. The course is available for both graduate and undergraduate students. The students can take the course as a full time course or as a part of distance education. Online format is also available. The course is extremely useful for people with an interest in oil and gas aspect of marine industry. Sound mathematical and engineering background would be a pre requisite foe this course.

13.   Heriot-Watt university

The courses available at this marine academy are related to marine resource development. Starting in September, the courses are available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

14.   University of Liverpool

This marine engineering college offers a total of three courses related with maritime civil engineering. The courses are dedicated to enable students be able to design marine structures for various marine environments including coasts, shores and estuaries.

15.   City of Glasgow College

This marine engineering college offers a diploma in marine engineering cadetship, allowing students and part time mariners to enhance their marine skills. The diploma holders can be deemed qualified for third year courses of four year marine courses or degrees.

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  5. Both universities are good as per academic rankings. Personal experience says Glasgow have better facilites.

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