Top 10 Most Expensive Private Yachts In The World

Yachts were simple vessels at the time of their inception in the ’90s, designed primarily for water sports; however, in the 2000s, they were transformed into luxurious maritime structures.

Such superyachts are commissioned for the rich and combine technological excellence with a glorious display of opulence and power. Apart from being genuinely majestic and gigantic, these yachts have amazingly unique features, as we will see in this article.

1. History Supreme – $4.5 Billion 

The yacht History Supreme boasts of being the most expensive private superyacht in the world. It was constructed by the famous designer in Liverpool, Stuart Hughes, famous for turning ordinary gadgets like iPhones into luxury goods by covering them with precious metals such as gold or diamonds.

This magnificent yacht was made for a wealthy businessman hailing from Malaysia. Some news reports underlined the probability of Malaysian business tycoon Robert Kuok, the owner of this maritime wonder.

History Supreme
Credits: Stuart Hughes

It is 100 feet and was completed in three years. Adorned with more than 100,000 kg of gold, silver and platinum, it is the most extravagant vessel. The yacht’s structure, anchors, deck areas, kitchen, and washrooms are made of precious metals. Its bottom is gold-plated, while the main bedroom has a walled structure made from a genuine meteorite and a decorative design carved from an authentic dinosaur tooth. 70 kg of gold was used only for making the lavish aquarium separating the main bedroom from the seating area.

Other features, such as expensive liquor in cases made of rare diamonds or the use of historical artefacts in its interior, are why the yacht is the most costly.

2. Eclipse – $1.5 Billion 

Roman Abramovich, the Russian businessman and politician and the famous owner of the soccer club Chelsea, is the proud possessor of the Eclipse, which comes second in the list of the most expensive yachts in the world.

It is estimated that Eclipse is worth 1.5 billion dollars and was built by Blohm and Voss, a ship construction company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Terence Disdale, a renowned yacht designer who has furbished more than 40 superyachts, is responsible for the eye-catching interiors of the Eclipse.

Credits: Moshi Anahory / Flickr

The yacht is approximately 536 feet, and its magnanimous size incorporates numerous features of extraordinary luxury. It possesses two helipads, 23 cabins and swimming pools near the main deck. It is a sailing beauty that offers comfort and entertainment as it is endowed with a dance hall, jacuzzi, rescue boats, and a miniature submarine. It has high-security features, bullet-resistant window shields and sharp camera surveillance. An interesting feature is the laser system that prevents photographers from clicking pictures even from afar.

3. Azzam – $650 Million

Built by the German shipbuilder Lürssen, Azzam is the third most expensive and extravagant yacht owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan, UAE’s president. It was completed in 2013 in Bremen, Germany, with a tonnage capacity of 14,500 tonnes.

Azzam, which translates to determination in Arabic, is true to its name, as reflected in many of its stunning features. Its exteriors were designed by Nauta, a design company based in Milan. At the same time, its interiors were carefully chosen to replicate the empire grandeur of medieval times, brought alive by Christophe Leoni, a prominent French designer.

Credits: Luerssen

It measures 590 feet in length, and its most distinguishing feature is its speed which is impressive for its size. Also, it is a no-pillar construction, an engineering marvel in itself. Azzam can attain a speed of more than 35 knots. Endowed with around 55 luxurious suites and a large salon accommodating 40 guests, it is representative of royalty at its finest. It has swimming pools, a golf course and a sea-facing gym. Propelled by the latest technology dual engines, it is managed by 85 highly trained crew members.

4. Topaz – $527 Million 

Topaz superyacht was launched in 2012 by the German shipbuilding company Lurrsen. It was commissioned for Shaikh Mansour, belonging to the royal family of Abu Dhabi and an essential functionary of the country, who acquired the exotic yacht for 527 million dollars.

Topaz comprises a steel and aluminium structure with a total tonnage of around 11,700 tonnes. Its design combines functionality with extravagance, evident in its features such as a swimming deck, a gym, a soccer field, a movie theatre, and a vast conference hall. Its interiors have been designed by Terence Disdale, and the exteriors by luxury yachts designer Tim Heywood.

Credits: Luerssen

Topaz measures around 482 feet, and its powerful engines help it achieve an impressive speed of about 25 knots. Security measures have been amalgamated into the yacht’s design, as it has an emergency generator. Topaz contains eight decks and other awe-inspiring features like dual helipads. It can accommodate 62 guests and has 26 luxurious rooms, served by a crew comprising 50 members.

5. Superyacht Dubai – $350 Million

Dubai yacht was launched in 2006, constructed jointly by Blohm & Voss and Lurrsen shipbuilding companies. It is owned by the king of Dubai, Sheik Mohammed Rashid al-Maktoum.

The unique features of this superyacht comprise numerous open decks, hot water bathing areas and a lavish swimming pool endowed with custom-designed tiles made by the finest artisans. The most exciting interior is the main staircase. Circular in shape, it changes colours as it reflects and refracts the light reaching it through the uppermost deck. The interior is bright and bold, a blend of colours representative of the vibrant middle-eastern culture.

Superyacht Dubai
Image for representation purpose only

Dubai comprises an expansive deck for his highness, sufficient rooms for accommodating 115 guests and a maximum of 80 crew members. It also has a comfortable lounge area, a helipad, a squash court, a movie theatre, gyms, and an expansive dining room with a chandelier embedded with rubies, emeralds and pearls. Dubai has specially designed engines that help it attain speeds of up to 26 knots.

6. Serene – $330 Million 

Counted among the world’s biggest and most extravagant superyachts, Serene is no less than a sailing palace. Owned by the crown prince and deputy prime minister of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman, Serene was constructed in 2011 in Italy. Interestingly, before its acquisition by the Saudi Prince, it was used by Bill Gates, who leased it for millions of dollars.

Credits: Fincantieri

It is a representation of finesse at its best, designed by Fincantieri, a prominent Italian shipbuilding company. The interiors were completed by Espen Oeino, a renowned designer. Serene measures almost 440 feet, and its tonnage are 8000. Endowed with specially designed engines, a novel two-screwed propulsion, and robust engines, it can comfortably accommodate 25 people and more than 50 staff.

It has many unique technological features, such as a convertible helipad that turns into a swimming pool or a dance hall. Guest will never be bored onboard the Serene as it comprises movie theatres, music rooms, meeting spaces, lounges, a sauna, salons, a jacuzzi, a beach room, and a transparent room to view the beautiful underwater marine life.

7. Superyacht A – $323 Million

This Superyacht was designed by a French Architect, Philippe Starck and constructed by Blohm & Voss shipbuilders in Kiel. Measuring 120 m with a tonnage of 6000, it is among the world’s biggest motor yachts combining smart design with extraordinary elegance. It was launched in 2008 and is possessed by the businessman Andrey Melnichenko.

Superyacht A
Credits: Luerssen

The yacht’s interiors span more than 20,000 sq feet while the main suite covers 2500 sq feet. A unique feature of this brilliantly designed yacht is its adjustable shifting walls. It also has 6 large rooms comfortably accommodating more than 15 guests and 50 staff members. Having a dance floor, helipads, rescue boats, and swimming pools with a transparent bottom made of glass, Superyacht A offers true comfort at sea.

It is a sailing wonder capable of attaining a maximum speed of 23 knots. Security features of the yacht include bomb-proof windows, motion detectors, and camera surveillance. It is said that it also has a secret escape pod.

8. Motoryacht Radiant – $320 Million

Radiant is a beautiful motor yacht constructed in 2009 by Lurrssen shipbuilders, and it belongs to the owner of Al-Futtaim Group, Abdulla Al Futtaim. Measuring 360 feet, she can reach a fantastic speed of 22 knots. Its expansive fuel tanks can accommodate more than 9500 gallons of fuel, and Radiant is recognised as the world’s 32nd luxurious superyacht.

Motoryacht Radiant
Credits: Luerssen

It can carry more than 22 people and 45 crew comfortably. Tim Heywood has intricately designed its exteriors, and designer Glen Pushelburg worked on the interiors. The hull of Radiant is made of steel, while its structure is largely constituted of aluminium. Delicate quality floor layering has been used for the decks. Functional features of the radiant include numerous swimming decks, helipads, a sauna bath, garages, cinema halls, expansive seating areas, workout spaces and hot water baths, etc.

9. Al Said – $300 Million

Al Said is a luxurious superyacht constructed by Lurssen 2008, a famous yacht construction company. Oman’s ruler owns it; Sultan Qaboos Bin Saad Al Said hence its name. Al Said measures 156 m, and when it was completed, it held the title of the second biggest superyacht in the world, with a capacity to host more than 75 guests and accommodate over 150 crew members.

Al Said
Credits: Luerssen

Espen Oeino chose its exteriors and hand-crafted the interiors by Redman Whitely Dixon. Al Said has a steel and aluminium structure and can attain a maximum speed of 25 knots and a cruising speed of about 23 knots.

Comprising six open deck areas and other attractive features, its main attraction is the orchestra hall which can be used for a professional concert amidst the seas. It also has luxurious master bedrooms, jacuzzis, helipads, and features common to all luxurious yachts.

10. Pelorus  – $300 Million

The superyacht Pelorus was constructed by Lurrsen in Germany and was launched in 2003. Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh, a Saudi businessman, commissioned it in 2016, and it ended up with the Chinese business tycoon Samuel Tak Lee. It can accommodate more than 60 guests and about 45 crew members.

Tim Heywood and Terence Disdale, two internationally reputed names in the yacht design industry, worked together for designing the superyacht that gives an aura of living on the beachside villas. It also has two helipads, swimming pools, a sauna, and a private deck with a comprehensive view. Pelorus has commendable security features, backup engines and generators.

Credits: Luerssen

Pelorus translates to expansive, and the yacht is quite faithful to its name since it is one of the 59 motor yachts in the world that measure more than 100 m and has a better speed than most yachts of her size. Currently, it is under the flagship of the Cayman islands.

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