Ocean Empire LSV – World’s First Self Sufficient Super Yacht

The super yacht community is in for a brilliant beginning this new year. With the introduction of “The Ocean Empire” life support vessel(LSV), the conventional super yacht can now rid itself of its strict dependence on unsustainable energy resources. The Ocean Empire is the first self sufficient zero- carbon Life Support Vessel with solar powered propulsion and all the amenities of a luxury global voyager. This heralds a slow end to the conventional super yachts that rely on other non- renewable energy resources.

Designed by British designer Richard Sauter of Sauter Zero Carbon design, this 144.3- ft super yacht harnesses energy from three major sources of sustainable energy- the sun, wind and waves. Consisting of two hydroponic farms and fishing facilities to harvest the sea, the aim of this all green innovation is to cut down CO2 emissions by 50%. Says Sauter of the Ocean Empire, “The Ocean Empire life support Super yacht liberates the Super yacht community from its strict dependence on unsustainable resources by harnessing the renewable collective power ever present in the Earths Biosphere.”

The working of this machine starts with the first source of energy- the sun- that simultaneously powers the solar cells and two hydroponic farms. Next, the auxiliary automated SkySail traction kite that boosts the Ocean Empire to 18+ knots depends on power received from wind to charge the GM ESS2 batteries. Finally, a third source of energy from waves is captured through Maurer Sohnes GMBH Motion Damping Regeneration( MDR). This is essentially an adjustable tuned mass dampener (ATMD) like those used in skyscrapers to reduce swaying. The ocean Empire has 16 tons of batteries as mass with linear generators producing up to 50 Kws of electricity as they dampen the motion of the vessel. The Daimler Turbo Compound Bluetec EPA Diesel engine, Sunpower solar cells and Voith Surface drives are the most advanced and efficient to date.

In employing existing OEM products, this super yacht ends up costing more than conventional super yachts that are found today. The Ocean Empire offers the kind of luxury which any other super yacht would avail,yet be able to optimize the most dynamic form of ocean going platform. Existing OEM technology present in the LSV include carbon composite wave piercing hi-efficiency displacement hulls, an advanced aerodynamic radar canopy with PV wing spoilers as well as energy efficient equipment from A/C to refrigeration with waste heat recovery.

The yacht has also been designed to accommodate 10 guests, 7 crew members, and 1 captain. This plugged in Ocean Empire LSV is capable of bolstering over 360 Mwh’s of electricity to her grid. This energy is more than enough to make up to 12,000 Chartered Carbon Neutral voyages every year.

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